Context and brand suitability: The perfect combination for the success of your programmatic campaigns

May 2, 2023

74% of consumers want to see advertising related to their content consumption. Thanks to contextual segmentation, we can precisely capitalize on the content of interest to that specific audience.

In today’s world of digital marketing, programmatic advertising has become an indispensable tool for companies looking to automate the buying and selling of advertising space and reach their audience effectively. In short, we work on strategies for segmenting audiences and maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns.

 However, programmatic advertising faces significant challenges like ad fraud and a lack of data transparency. Therefore, we implement measures such as verification of the authenticity of traffic to deal with these problems. For this reason, focusing on brand safety in our campaigns is essential.

 Contextualized segmentation has taken a very relevant role in digital advertising. Analyzing the content using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) allows brands to approach their potential consumers in the context of related content.

 The brand safety trend evolves towards brand suitability, allowing the brand’s advertising to appear with appropriate content and in accordance with the messages to be transmitted and the targeted public.

 Many brands are still trying to figure out how to avoid appearing on inappropriate content and capitalize on specific content relevant to their brand. In short, how can they be in the right environment for their target?

 At Globant, we work on contextualized segmentation in various programmatic campaigns, finding the target in the right place. It is important to analyze where we can find the audience we want to impact and how we can capitalize on that inventory programmatically.

 This type of campaign entails an enormous customization capacity based on different contexts: from varieties of products, times of promotional campaigns, special events, certain events in particular places, etc.

To give a practical example, we could talk about a brand related to the food and beverage sector that wants to reach an audience such as cooking lovers. In this case, we could capitalize on content related to recipes, cooking tips, cooking channels, gastronomic guides, and much more.

 This personalization in the segmentation generates security for brands and increases the protection of their reputation. Furthermore, brands can use advanced data analysis tools to better understand their audience’s behavior and adjust their advertising campaigns accordingly, maximizing the impact.

Last but not least, programmatic advertising adds value in terms of context and helps in the direct generation of results and in attributing strategic activation to the rest of the channels. For this reason, it is crucial to know how to make the most of each channel and achieve the established objectives more efficiently and effectively.

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