Why are Leaders Investing in Building B2B Marketing Strategies on Linkedin?

April 7, 2022

One of the most challenging things to predict is how effectively you reach and engage with your target audience. The marketing arena is rapidly changing, and the Digital Marketing Studio is bringing that change forward, making brands more engaging. 

Every business and digital marketing leader should ask themselves where the primary consumption is by online services and apps in the technology era. In this case, why are leaders investing in online marketing strategies B2B on Linkedin?

LinkedIn best practices could help you position yourself as an industry leader and enhance your brand. It allows you to build credibility and brand awareness, create a meaningful network, increase website traffic, generate quality leads, etc. LinkedIn is also the preeminent social network for recruiting and hiring top talent!

First, you should create a brand presence on LinkedIn and use it as an informational platform. How? As @ LinkedIn Marketing Labs says: 

  1. Define your target audience
  2. Repurpose existing content
  3. Distribute diverse content
  4. Leverage thought leadership
  5. Measure brand awareness

At Globant, we share the best LinkedIn practices to implement in their strategy with our clients. Here are a few: 

  1. Catchy titles are the best: questions, facts, or good storytelling. Use headlines to highlight what is most relevant. 
  2. For organic posting, use short copy for clarity, goal alignment, and overall effectiveness with no more than 216 characters. 
  3. Having only one CTA on the copy will increase consumer attention and improve the UX. Be aware of not exceeding the 216 character limit to avoid the annoying “Read More.” 

 An example of a compelling call to Action before “Read More.” 

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An example of an effective LinkedIn post (amount of words, emojis, brand-colored asset).

  1. Always use hashtags. It would be best to use them to make a theoretical frame to make it easier for users to find your post, especially in terms of expertise. We’ve been using the #BeKind, #WomenThatBuild, and #SeekReinvention hashtags to group all our content related to these topics. 
  2. We recommend using creative assets such as videos, carousels, audiograms, animated covers, pictures, etc. 
  3. Use a design that aligns with the brand. The idea is to have the same colors, fonts, types, and information data on the picture asset. People should be able to recognize your brand immediately. 
  4. Generate your content. It is better to upload the articles in your business profile as native content to the platform, helping you get more visibility and positioning as a business industry leader. The LinkedIn algorithm will appreciate the native content and compensate for it. Keep it updated! 
  5. Comment on posts that have mentioned you or are business-related with yours. Also, it could be your company’s experts answering people’s questions and comments. You can start by choosing the most relevant profiles to comment on if you have too many replies.
  6. Have a jobs page on your website. You can also add information about your business online services, news about life at the company, and share blog posts, images, data, and information from your employers. Sharing this information will keep you relevant and show you are a human company. Discover more at our Career website: https://career.globant.com/ 
  7.  You can create professional groups/discussion forums or be part of them to discuss topics and position yourself as an expert in your industry. 
  8. Create events online and make streaming or live videos. This aims for Brand position and Industry recognition while the platform gives rise to a more valuable audience. Check out our Converge event 21’: https://www.linkedin.com/events/6856681160236429312/

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12.  Last but not least, use metrics! It’s critical to measure the success of your B2B campaigns to improve your SEO & Paid Media strategy, Social Media & Web traffic. Knowing your data will help you optimize your time and budget and deliver positive results.

We firmly believe in staying relevant and building a solid brand, keeping essential B2B marketing trends top of mind. These trends include focusing on customer centricity, omnichannel marketing, being human in your storytelling and communication, and offering data and insights. These are the new values and holder structure for your Marketing Strategy and future company success. After all, we want leaders to rock it this year! 

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