The new Trojan Horse: How to create valuable content to rank your company in the digital age

March 21, 2024

Despite the fact that the average time a user spends on social networks has grown, retaining the attention of consumers is becoming increasingly difficult. Creating a marketing strategy that considers valuable content and actively engages your target audience can be seen as an unattainable goal that many brands get stuck on, but if properly leveraged, it can make the difference between a memorable brand and a forgotten one.

Valuable content can make your company visible, bringing countless benefits to your reputation, positioning, and credibility in social networks. The fundamental role of social networks nowadays is undeniable since more than 60% of the world’s population is on them. So whether we are talking about a B2B or B2C company, social networks can boost their efforts to a dimension that traditional media could not.

But how could your organization stand out from the thousands of content creators? Read on to discover how to transform social media marketing into a competitive edge for your business. 

Diversification strategy: the workhorse to make a difference in the content universe

A diversification strategy involves exploring various channels and formats to reach different market niches, understanding that each content has arrangements par excellence that strategically perform according to the audience that consumes it. For example, a webinar performs better when divided into short videos, such as reels or TikToks, highlighting the pain point and solutions than an article with better results when summarized in an infographic.

The importance of content adaptation lies in the fact that each type of audience has different knowledge and ways of consumption, so adapting content in response to the specific dynamics of each group becomes crucial to gaining an advantage in the era of a consumer-centric approach. Knowing your audience will also help you communicate the importance of what you do and connect with their needs. So the next time quality content is less successful than you had hoped, give it a chance in another format.

Each social network has a majority generation that consumes it (for example, Instagram is mostly consumed by Generation Z, while millennials prefer X), but all generations consume social networks (to be more specific, 90.4% of millennials; 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of baby boomers). So, considering this when developing a diversification strategy is essential to reach the right audiences.  

Devising a content diversification strategy requires both creativity and references. A great example of this developing trend is the “Ted Talks”. Let’s see how we could adapt a Ted Talk to diversify the content: 

  • Talks or webinars constitute their signature format and captivate their loyal audience.
  • Ted Talks highlights are transformed into reels, TikToks, and Youtube Shorts to create snackable and shareable content.
  • The most relevant information from the speakers is disseminated through images, quotes, or key points, which work best on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and X.
  • The Ted Talks podcast is set up as the most extended content after the original talk, adapted to the requirements of this format to work properly.
  • The articles recap what was presented in the talks and synthesize the information for an agile and engaging read.
  • The guides work as a site that brings together several talks for those who wish to go deeper into the same topic and has a summary that includes the general conclusions.

Ted Talks involve quality content and are used with other resources to expand them creatively, reaching a different audience than the main one, including users of Instagram, Spotify, TikTok, and more.

This demonstrates a well-executed content diversification strategy whose adaptation does not underestimate the presence of other audiences on social networks and is pivotal in strengthening the brand.

Now it’s your turn! Let’s saddle up your Trojan horse with these basic steps to start creating a diversification strategy that will surprise and win the battle:

  1. Start by creating quality, relevant, and extensive content that allows your company to have different information references, for example, an article or a video.
  2. Analyze its success and the audience your organization engages with this first content.
  3. Define the other market niches you want to reach and research their channels and consumption formats.
  4. Select the most appropriate content path for your organization’s accounts. 

And because we want your Trojan horse to be the best, here are some ideas about the types of content you could create. Keep in mind that, today, AI makes it possible to adapt a lot of content easily, so you are more than equipped to embark on the battle:

  • Fragment the initial content into substantial and dynamic pieces. Today, short videos are the ideal format to reach younger generations.
  • Extract relevant information that can be captured in static pieces, such as infographics or carousels.
  • Convert your content into audio to enhance it in videos and a possible podcast.
  • Interact with your company’s audience by testing their knowledge of the initial content you shared with them and receive feedback to optimize your strategy through surveys.
  • Get them interested in your main content through quotes or insights that give a sneak peek of what they will find in the full version.
  • Humor never fails: explore animated GIFs or memes so that the most creative audiences can easily consume your organization’s content.
  • Create an event where you can answer questions live and extend the relevant points of the content to your company’s audience. 
  • Get creative! In content creation, reaching your audience in a disruptive and innovative way makes all the difference between being the kind of company you remember forever or the one you forget once you slide the post out. 

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the Trojan Horse of valuable content allows companies to stand out and create a community that is interested in their services, celebrates their achievements, and encourages growth. This is why a content diversification strategy is essential to differentiate a brand that only communicates from a brand that connects.

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