Amplifying digital marketing campaigns with Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

October 19, 2023

Digital marketing is synonymous with continuous change, and staying ahead of the competition requires thinking “out of the box.” Programmatic Outdoor Advertising (Digital Out-of-Home) offers a unique and innovative way to enhance digital marketing campaigns. We constantly hear the need to maximize brand exposure, attract new audiences, and improve customer results. What is the power of Digital Out-of-Home, and how can we integrate it into our digital marketing strategy to achieve those results?

Digital Out-of-Home represents a powerful means that bridges the gap between the physical and digital world by offering the opportunity to create dynamic and visually appealing content with the ability to display real-time information and interactive elements. Connecting with consumers at different points through strategically placed screens in the offline world provides a personalized and immersive brand experience.

Including DOOH advertising in our campaigns, planned by our specialists, will give brands a greater omnichannel presence. Within this type of activation, we can highlight six key points:

  1. Great coverage: offers full reach capability under the “one to many” model.
  2. Brand safety: ensures that no controversial content is exposed.
  3. Visibility: It facilitates brand recall by being located in large dimensions with high impact.
  4. Positive perception: Its lack of intrusion means that 91% of consumers declare that this type of advertising has caught their attention.
  5. Effectiveness: Improves the response to the actions of other offline and online media. 71% of consumers agree that it encourages their purchases more.
  6. Adaptability: From a programmatic platform, creativities can be adapted instantly to display dynamic promotions according to the desired contexts.

At Globant, we have the main technological platforms of the sector that allow us to activate campaigns in the digital outdoors by accessing a wide variety of formats, locations, and advanced segmentation. In addition to being based on time periods, volume of impacts, or points of interest, this segmentation also offers the possibility of impacting based on events or triggers, such as temperature or pollution.

An important aspect of this type of strategy is that Mobile Out-of-Home can complement them. This allows re-impacting users who have seen or interacted with a DOOH campaign through mobile devices, improving the campaign’s performance. 

There are several activation methods, such as the use of mobile identifiers. These unique identifiers (such as Android Advertising ID or Apple IDFA) collect information during exposure to ads, which can later be used to serve specific MOOH ads to those users across programmatic advertising platforms that allow retargeting.

Integrating augmented reality (AR) is also possible in DOOH campaigns and has great potential for engagement to improve advertising experiences. Possibilities are immense: from interaction with screens that allow virtual product testing to gamification with interactive challenges by brands or access to exclusive content associated with ads.

In short, harnessing the power of Digital Out-of-Home in your digital marketing campaigns is within your reach. You can reach a wide audience with impactful, personalized, and real-time visual content. Improving your brand awareness, capturing consumer attention, and increasing conversions is up to you.

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Be sure to integrate DOOH marketing into your strategy and stand out in physical and digital environments!

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