Unscripted Tech 3: Unraveling AI’s impact on the automotive industry

In the latest episode of Unscripted Tech Season 3, we’re putting the pedal to the metal as we explore the thrilling world of AI in the automotive industry. 

What comes to mind when you think about AI and vehicles? Autonomous cars are one of the most common use cases of AI in the automotive sector. We already experience advanced driver assistance systems,  where AI algorithms process sensor data in real-time to enable features like adaptive cruise control or lane-keeping assistance.

However, Ezequiel Balducci, Digital Transformation Leader for OEM in South America at Globant, mentions that the marriage between vehicles and AI continues further. “We have autonomous features such as self-park assistance in many vehicles worldwide. But as a standalone component, it doesn’t impact the customer experience or driving experience. The possibilities we have with the AI in the future is to connect different components or features in a different way where you can interact with the car and the environment, providing a holistic customer experience boosted by AI.”

The concept of holistic customer experiences and service design powered by AI is becoming essential in the automotive industry and other sectors. Service design optimizes the experience in the customer journey’s front and back stages. It considers the context, orchestrating human, physical, and digital interactions. Thus, manufacturers are harnessing the possibilities from the purchase process to the aftersales experiences, where a car is no longer a product but a tool that adapts to my driving patterns and lifestyle.

In Ezequiel Balducci’s words, “AI will accelerate the customization of the driving experience, but also the experience across the board from product discovery up to aftersales, considering all stakeholders participating in the process. It will be the secret sauce for many automakers to surprise customers. New technologies enable different business modes to evolve from the traditional ownership model to a mobility solution.”

Alvaro Pujals, Business Hacking Partner at Globant, says: “I’m going a step further and thinking, what if commercial and private vehicles become autonomous? It will reshape how we build cities.” According to Pujals, we design cities because we, as car owners, take vehicles with us everywhere, so we need places to keep them. But if cars can drive themselves, could they provide mobility solutions for third parties while we are not using them? Does this mean that we would no longer need parking lots? It could drastically change how the cities of the future will look like. 

Join us in Unscripted Tech to explore real-world examples, industry insights, and expert opinions that paint a vivid picture of the AI-infused automotive landscape. Whether you’re a tech fan, a car enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of transportation, this episode has something for everyone. Listen to the full episode here!

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