Meet Pablo Monge, EMEA Head of the Digital Marketing Studio and Digital Sales at Globant

April 12, 2021


Globant is excited to welcome Pablo Monge as the lead of Digital Sales, Digital Marketing and Customer Experience in the EMEA region. We talked with Pablo to understand the key challenges around digital sales transformation and how Globant is helping its clients through data and technology.




Pablo, tell us a little bit about you and your professional background before joining Globant: what expertise will you bring to our clients in EMEA as a Head of Digital Marketing Studio and Digital Sales?


First of all, I would like to say that I am absolutely excited to be part of Globant. It’s been two months since I joined the company and it really feels like home. I am truly amazed at how agile the company is and how fast things evolve here.

Regarding my previous work experience, before joining Globant I worked in management consulting as well as in digital media and advertising. I have been part of a global consulting firm for more than 5 years, leading data-driven strategies and operations for top-tier clients in different industries. My main focus was marketing and advertising technology, where I was in charge of the go-to-market strategy of a multidisciplinary team composed of more than 50 specialists in digital transformation. Before that, I was part of one of the biggest media and advertising groups worldwide, where I was a data & analytics executive in charge of digital analytics consulting, data visualization, ad operations, programmatic media, and attribution.

I have been an entrepreneur as well. Since I am a huge fan of all kinds of music genres, I started a digital agency to support emerging artists in branding and communication activities. Apart from that, I actively collaborate with non-profit organizations (such as Junior Achievement and Technovation) as a mentor, to introduce young students in the exciting world of technology and digital transformation.


What makes Globant so different?


As I said before, at Globant things happen really fast! Globant is not the kind of company that tries to transform its clients without transforming itself. Globant is a native digital company that has worked with agile methodologies since the beginning and we have our Studios model that brings real expertise to our clients. 

Apart from that, we are heavily investing in EMEA by hiring the best talent and acquiring companies with huge expertise in digital transformation, like CloudShift in the UK or BlueCap in Spain. Actually, a week ago, we announced that we are opening a new innovation center in Málaga (Spain) where we will continue developing strong capabilities around artificial intelligence.


What is the situation in Europe around digital marketing? How are the different industries facing the challenge of increasing digital sales?


In the past few years, we have been facing a hyper-competitive environment in Europe when it comes to capturing new customers through digital channels. Marketing nowadays needs to be more sophisticated and personalize, but we have to deal with new privacy regulations and drastic technology shifts (isn’t “cookie-less” the most used word by marketers nowadays?). The investment required in launching new initiatives that allow companies to increase digital sales is higher than ever and, in this context, the role of the CMO is changing a lot: marketing executives are required to have more tech skills and more responsibility on the P&L, and to achieve the success they need to increase the weight of the online channel over other traditional channels.

In order to face the challenge of increasing digital sales, companies need to streamline their organizational models creating new multi-disciplinary teams with hybrid profiles, technical skills, and business knowledge… and, above all, responsibly use data and technology, respecting their customers’ privacy and offering truly relevant experiences. 2021 is a year of digital revolution, but above all, there are great opportunities for businesses that are investing in digital sales transformation programs.


How important are marketing technology (MarTech) and advertising technology (AdTech) in digital sales acceleration programs?


MarTech and AdTech capabilities are key elements in digital sales transformation. Marketers claim that running advanced data modeling is imperative to their businesses, but only a few of them are prepared to activate the data properly, under-connected architectures, to create more personalized and identity-based experiences. The biggest limitations that we see in using data effectively are related to a lack of data quality, lack of tech expertise, and lack of agile methodologies.

In addition, the current social context and regulatory framework do not help marketing executives: companies are no longer allowed to capture all the data that they used to, due to GDPR. Therefore it’s harder to be able to offer 1:1 personalized experiences to consumers.

At Globant we help companies to capture and use zero and first-party data in a sustainable way, based on connected MarTech and AdTech architectures. This means our clients are able to deliver omnichannel experiences, using the right data, managing consent and privacy properly… always under a business-oriented methodology.
Visit our Digital Marketing Studio to learn more about how we are helping organizations to create digital marketing and go-to-market strategies which are truly customer-focused.

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