July 27th is SysAdmin Day, and is a day we celebrate at Globant to appreciate their hard work and dedication.

This is an international day, when all fellow System Administrators are recognized for their 365 day-work. They are great firefighters who work during long hours and weekends!

To recognize their awesome job, we interviewed some Sys Admins on their day. We shot a few questions, and let them choose which questions they’d like to answered.

Dariem Garces said:

Q: If you had to explain your job to a little kid, what would you say?

DG:  Being a sysadmin it is like taking care of the lego pieces you use to build things!

Q: In an alternate universe, your job would be…

DG: Sysadmin  hahaha

Q: Which was the biggest fire you had to extinguish?

DG: In another company, a DNS DDoS attack against 18 DNS servers and a DDoS attack against F5 BigIP/ Viprion Load Balancer.

Q: What would you say to another SysAdmin in his day?

DG: Hello!! Your work it’s very important although nobody notice it, and that is the best way to say you are doing a great job!

Ivan Duque, said:

Q: If you had to explain your job to a little kid, what would you say?

ID:I’m the guy who makes it possible for the websites and applications to be working all day long on the internet.

Q: What is what you love the most about your job? About being a SysAdmin at Globant?

ID: Getting new challenges every day and learning new things on the go. Being a SysAdmin at Globant is amazing because of the work environment and all the knowledge my co-workers share.

Oscar Fayad, left a message for his colleagues in their day: Keep calm and enjoy your day, remember that for each solution there is a good problem!!

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