At the end of 2018, our Agile studio created the initiative “Spread the world”, a series of monthly meetings to keep our Agile delivery studio teams up to date with processes, news, recognitions, and general news at Globant. The meetings are organized by a group of volunteers called  “spreaders” who make sure teams are all on the same page. For the last three years, spreaders have shown great commitment to helping their teams improve and grow. In 2020, they carried our team building activities to foster motivation and strengthen the relationship between members of the studio. 

It has been rewarding to see how spreaders offer their support month after month, coming up with activities, and providing feedback on how to improve the dynamic. We have created a solid network of volunteers. 

At the end of 2020, we wanted to recognize our group of “spreaders” and we came up with the idea of planting a tree in the Amazon on behalf of them. We believe a tree is a meaningful and long-lasting recognition which is also aligned with Globant’s initiative BeKind, a commitment to multiply the positive impact of what we do, fostering sustainability, inclusion, and diversity. 

We planted 48 trees in the Amazon on behalf of Globant and our teams of volunteers. We’re delighted that Saving the Amazon, an organization that works together with indigenous communities from Colombia to conserve the Amazon, told us that those 48 trees are considered a forest, and any tree planted on behalf of our organization would be in the same area.

Fire, deforestation, and climate change are significantly affecting the sustainability of humanity and wildlife. We are proud to be a part of the efforts to save the  “Earth’s lungs” and plan to keep growing Globant’s forest in the Amazon.

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