When 87% of businesses are already on their digital transformation journeys, but only 18% of brands say that they have a clear vision for digital (stats from this paper), we have a problem. This is the sort of reality that prompted our most recent Sentinel Report.

Many brands lack the technology, while others lack the strategy to harness their data. Still others are dealing with a disengaged talent base. Across the board, companies are missing the mark when it comes to their own objectives and milestones for the organization’s business value.

Enter the Sentinel Report: Non-Traditional Ways to Optimize Business Value. We’ve synthesized our freshest insights on the matter. These concepts, metrics, and market trends are what we’ve seen and felt in the last quarter, in the trenches with our clients.

It’s essential at this point to look at the importance of certain actions—gaining quick, small wins; shoring up a culture of experimentation and autonomy; thinking across industries—as key to zeroing in on the kind of business value you’re looking for. And when paired with a tool that helps you monitor and analyze the efficiency of your culture, you’re in the best shape possible to make the change happen.

This Sentinel Report contains thrifty tips, looking to maximize what your brand already has at hand in ways that you hadn’t necessarily considered before. One of those things has to do with the way we look at data. Usually considered a necessary operational cost, try hitting “F5” for a refresh on the ways data can be put to good use. Once you know its origins, the volume you’re getting, and the areas of your business that most need an automated boost, you’re well on your way to unlocking unlimited value.

Where can I get the Sentinel Report?

For more insights like this, including cross-industry strategies, download this Sentinel Report or check out other editions here. Feel free to share them with your friends and colleagues. They’re for you all.

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