Our new studio, Media Over-The-Top, aims to provide powerful end-to-end solutions to the entire OTT delivery workflow. We recently launched our  Media OTT Studio to help media companies navigate every step of the complex and fragmented digital workflow. Furthermore, the studio is working on expanding partnerships with leaders across the media ecosystem such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft to continue helping clients to adopt, embrace changes and take opportunities in this vast industry.

Globant’s Media OTT  Studio is led by the following industry veterans: Senn Moses, one of Globant’s Managing Directors of Media and Entertainment; Nate Thompson Managing Director, Business Development, Russ Whitman as Managing Director, Media Product and Strategy; Robby Kushner as Vice President, Media Strategy; and Alejandro Manzocchi as Vice President, Technology.

The creation of the Media OTT Studio is part of Globant’s growing commitment to the entertainment space, and media industry as it becomes more integrated with the digital environment.The Studio includes Globant’s OTT platform, Signal, which helps media companies launch and manage video apps across all major consumer platforms (www.sgnl.tv)

Please contact media@globant.com or visit https://www.globant.com/studio/media-ott to learn more about Globant’s new Media OTT Studio.

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