It has been truly sad to witness the death of George Floyd and other tragic events around the world that show that we continue to fight against persistent racism and inequality.

At Globant, we stand against all injustice but at this time, in particular, we want to show our support to our Black or African American colleagues. 

Every day we are even more convinced of the responsibility we all have in shaping a kinder, more equitable, and inclusive society. Our commitment is to build a world in which everyone has a voice and everyone is heard.

Our main goal is to create safe spaces for conversation, learning as well as personal and professional development. We will achieve that by strengthening our awareness through meaningful Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives. 

There are several ongoing initiatives, and there is still a lot more to do. We invite you to check our Be Kind Initiatives to promote a more inclusive world:

More than ever we need to Be Kind and keep on taking care of each other. 

Together we make a difference, let’s stand together for a change!

View Diversity & Inclusion Fundamentals

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