“The biggest opportunities have been on the culture front. We need to democratize decision-making to move fast.” That’s Kush Saxena, Chief Technology Officer at Mastercard. He took the Converge NY stage, accompanied by Alejandro Scannapieco, the Studio Partner for Business Hacking at Globant.

Their conversation touched on the many elements and insights that Mastercard’s digital journey has exemplified.

For instance, one question led Saxena to mention the importance of the holistic experience Mastercard delivers. They seek a seamless experience that includes the work of their ecosystem participants. And, as expected, this relies on a lot of solid and well-applied data on the internal side.

Another highlight was their conversation on talent, and the importance of cultivating autonomy. “A huge part of this is getting that talent to develop judgment, and drive ownership,” Saxena states. From being able to navigate more than just high-level conversations on the technology, to covering the market situation in an extensive sense…these are the new needs for all talent.

These insights serve anyone who’s in the midst of their digital and cognitive transformations. The objective is to make the best progress possible, considering tech, talent, and all the other factors.

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