Globant’s Sentinel Report – Imagining the future of digital sales

January 13, 2022

The Sentinel Report is a Globant initiative focused on inspiring companies to keep reinventing themselves by providing insights on market trends and industry behavior from all over the world. 

This report is focused on Digital Sales, presenting this practice as a way to improve sales effectiveness while creating better experiences for your customers. Through interactive technology that connects data with marketing and sales operations, we can understand each buyer’s digital and non-digital touchpoints and create a personalized, customer-centric strategy.

Over the last year and a half, we have emphasized the importance of creating exceptional customer experiences to stand out from the competition. These experiences became mostly digital while in the depths of the global pandemic, and companies were forced to reinvent the way they engaged with their audiences in order to meet their evolving needs.

Many companies, however, have not figured out how to integrate new technologies and data to create personalized customer experiences that are not only exceptional, but are seamless across departments and devices. In order to accelerate their digital sales, multidisciplinary teams and advanced analytical capabilities are needed so that brands can merge business, marketing, and technology within a data-driven strategy and an omnichannel experience, all guided by a 360º consumer perspective.

In this Sentinel Report, we will

  1. Set the stage for the landscape of digital sales,
  2. Create personalized, customer-centric experiences, and
  3. See how different industries are facing this new world, including:
    1. Financial services,
    2. Energy,
    3. Travel, and
    4. Telecommunications.

Read the full report today!

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The Sentinel Report is one of Globant’s initiatives to help our clients stay relevant through the observation of market trends, insights, and industry behavior from all over the world.