Globant’s Sentinel Report: Creating memories is now your brand

September 23, 2021

We can all remember going to an event with friends or family. Perhaps it was a football game, or going to a circus as a child. These poignant memories stay with us for lifetimes. The problem we have today though, is that all too often, going to such events just doesn’t turn out to be so great. We’re so used to instant, on-demand, personalized digital experiences, that attending actual venues can be a big let-down.

It’s not just an issue of changing expectations. Many venues have simply failed to keep up with, and invest in, new experiences. Survey data demonstrates this – 59% of Americans say they would rather watch sports on TV, than go to the stadium. And who can blame them – waiting for hours to park your car, then waiting in line to buy some food, and the closest you get to the action is watching the replay on the big screen.

Here at Globant, we believe it’s time for this to change. We believe every brand must now focus on creating memories that last a lifetime. That’s why, in our latest Sentinel Report, “Creating memories is now your brand,” we explore how organizations can reinvent their physical locations using the latest technologies, and provide better, more seamless, and more sustainable experiences.

We identify the four ingredients of a “smart venue” – being frictionless, data-driven, invokes digital magic, and finally, is safe and sustainable. We provide examples based on our work, ranging from major football stadiums to healthcare settings. And most importantly, we break down the process of creating next-generation venues into five simple steps.

Don’t delay – click here to read the report in full.

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The Sentinel Report is one of Globant’s initiatives to help our clients stay relevant through the observation of market trends, insights, and industry behavior from all over the world.