How are patient journeys transforming the healthcare system?

Today, it is safe to say that brands must build a seamless customer journey. But what happens with the healthcare sector? Are healthcare providers investing enough efforts in anticipating and addressing the needs of patients as many organizations do with their customers?

The concept of patient journeys is gaining popularity in the medical community. It refers to the process that patients go through from the moment they realize they need medical assistance to when they are back on their feet. It involves all parts of the healthcare ecosystem, from scheduling an appointment to receiving treatment. 

The patient experience, in most cases, involves more than one journey. The touchpoints vary from interacting with a wellness app to dealing with serious injuries. The healthcare industry can transform the patient experience by examining those journeys and combining them into a single vision powered by technology and operational expertise.

What does a patient journey look like in today’s medical system?

Patient experiences vary from person to person; however, there are five critical points in every journey:

  • Awareness
  • Pre-diagnosis
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Recover

While these five steps have become the norm in the medical field, there are more nuances that healthcare professionals are beginning to address. 

Patients interact with physicians, pharmacists, financier insurers, and other healthcare-related professionals. However, these touchpoints often work independently. Transforming the patient experience involves creating a broader vision to pinpoint different touchpoints in the patient journey that play a crucial role in the overall experience. Technology can play a significant role in shaping that future by bridging gaps and enabling deep collaboration.

Capturing life journeys

Companies in the healthcare space need to look at a zoomed-out view of the patient journey and optimize it with technology. In other words, it becomes less about a patient journey and more about capturing a life journey.

Do you want to know more about how the healthcare sector can build a better patient experience? Check out our white paper Visionary Healthcare: Transforming Patient Journeys into Life Journeys and learn how technology plays a significant role in this transformation. At the same time, we share Globant’s capability as a technological innovator and journey orchestrator to build the life journeys of the next generation.

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