Augmented Coding use cases show real benefits for software developers

March 11, 2021


Success today as a company means adapting, evolving, and innovating. It means choosing new ways to face challenges by looking at avant-garde answers and efficient paths. As a tech native organization, here at Globant we’re passionate about driving innovation to improve the way we work by embracing digital tools. We believe that artificial intelligence can strengthen organizations, generate better collaboration between peers, and foster deeper knowledge and creativity. That’s why we created “Augmented Coding”, a patented AI powered tool that we believe will transform how businesses in every industry build software.



Solving common development challenges with artificial intelligence


AI-driven organizations will outcompete other businesses as they become more efficient, nimble, and adaptive to market demands. Through the creation of Augmented Coding, we’re solving common pain problems in software development. Based on our experience developing software for some of the world’s leading businesses, we know the typical problems that developers face and how they in turn impact an organization’s ability to achieve its business objectives. That’s why we created the tool – to enable teams to produce high-quality code faster and better.



Real use cases lead to real revelations


Since its launch, we’ve been using Augmented Coding in numerous projects. In order to measure the impact of the tool, the team behind it has conducted research to understand everything from the average time it saves a developer when coding, to how it impacts the number of stories per agile sprint, to its impact on quality and the number of bugs.

For example, one team leader mentioned that when starting a sprint, Augmented Coding helps to identify and easily find code that has already been implemented. Therefore their team doesn’t have to start designing that specific need again but can reuse what another team has already created, which also guarantees that they aren’t duplicating code.

“We used to do 28 points on each sprint, but with Augmented Coding, that number went up to 30-35, helping us to speed up our search for certain parameters we look for.”

Team leader, Globant

Read our full White paper to find out more about the experience of teams using the tool and their perspective on how Augmented Coding is dramatically improving how they develop software.

Download your copy of the report here


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