We are very happy to announce that we are among the top companies better assessed for delivering high-quality products and services in the Annual Santander Distinguished Supplier Award in Chile.

“Our commitment to give operational continuity, efficiency, reliability and offer the best customer experience is what make us leaders in our industry”, said Sergio Avila, Administration Division Manager at Banco Santander. “Organizing this ceremony and having set this milestone for 18 years is a way to thank each team we interact for their commitment, and that is reflected in the high standards of their work distinguishing them in the bank”, he added.

Martin Migoya, CEO and Co-founder at Globant commented: “We feel honored to receive this award from Santander. This recognition reinforces the positive feedback that we get from clients and from the market in general, validating our commitment to create relevant customer experiences through different platforms”.

Santander Group has been implementing StarMeUp for a year, the social and interactive platform designed by Globant to spread corporate values by reinforcing the culture and recognizing the people that best represent that culture.

StarMeUp enables employees to recognize their peers through stars, it was implemented at the  Santander Group in seven days and has reached one million interactions in just one year, making it a global record.

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