More than 50 leaders from Argentina and Uruguay  received the official Kanban certification, a course that has been delivered by one of Globant’s Accredited Kanban Trainers from LeanKanban University and Agility Director, Marcelo Mariño.

This initiative was sponsored by Globant Agile Delivery studio and the PODagility team and had great success. The first edition covered Project Managers, Delivery Managers, Tech Masters and Tech Leaders from Buenos Aires and Montevideo. In 2018, Globant aims to expand this reach and coverage.

Kanban method is helping organizations to become more adaptable and predictable, better ways to balance demand with capability, leveraging lean principles to build more stable and efficient processes.

Kanban’s  humane, experimental and evolutionary approach to change is also noteworthy as it mitigates resistance and enables the generation of a unique relevant process and culture. Europe, Brazil and US have taken a big part in Kanban’s adoption and it’s now time for the rest of LATAM to follow – with Globant leading the way.

Learn more about how Globant can help you become more familiar with this global trend! We plan to continue certifying more Globers in other Globant sites throughout 2018, so stay tuned!

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