The need for organizations to generate faster results, become increasingly agile, and expand the scale of their innovation is constantly growing. The digital and technological world of businesses must continually make an effort to keep up with the market, the industry, and the users’ demands. 

However, the numbers reveal that 73% of brands can’t provide a consistent experience across their different digital channels. For this reason, implementing an end-to-end integrated experience that satisfies the expectations and needs of customers is now more critical than ever. 

For this reason, Globant received the Partner of the Year AMER LATAM award by MuleSoft, acknowledging its excellence in the value given to customers and its rapid scale through training and certifications, bringing tangible results for their customers.

MuleSoft, provider of the leading unified platform for integration, APIs, and automation, promotes growth and agility by helping organizations unlock and integrate their data and apps to create and automate seamless experiences, faster

Through Globant’s differentiated practice around the integration ecosystem, API management using MuleSoft, and as a trusted advisor for companies, they can better transform every asset in their organization into reusable building blocks. At the same time, it allows them to deliver experiences faster as they innovate, following three main integration strategy pillars: government and operating model, agile project execution on a flexible architecture, and continuous enablement.

With more than 700 projects worldwide and as part of the MuleSoft Partner Program, Globant’s expertise and knowledge across industries serve as a powerful fuel for accelerating digital transformation processes successfully and seamlessly. Globant focus helps customers reach their desired outcomes in automation, integration, the connection of systems, and delivering new solutions, services, and products.

As a reinvention seeker, Globant is a propeller that boosts and enables organizations towards constant digital innovation, leading them to reimagine the customer experience through technology, integrating data and apps, resulting in customer growth. 

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