Globant Alumni is an initiative that seeks to bring together former Globers in order to promote old bonds, start new projects, rediscover and renew friendships.

We are creating this community because we believe in remaining faithful to our origins and we want to thank those who enabled us build the company that we are today. We know that many have grown professionally, shared in our dreams and vision, changed the status quo and stand out with their work on a daily basis. That is why we started inviting alumni to be part of this group with special benefits and opportunities.

What does it mean to be an Globant Alumni? It means:

  • Having left a positive footprint in Globant’s history
  • To share our values ​​(Act Ethically, Think Big, Aim for Excellence, Have fun, Constantly Innovate, and Being a Team Player)
  • To want to be part of a community

If you want to know more about this initiative, we invite you to join our community:

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