Globant in Colombia was first established in Bogotá in 2011

Over the years we have expanded and also took hold of Medellín, where we have two sites: one is called Vizcaya and the other One Plaza. 

As in other offices’ around the world, Globant offices in Colombia have meeting rooms with special names (fun fact: all Globers collectively choose the names by vote, proposing different topics).

In Vizcaya, meeting rooms have names of important places in the city: Parque Berrio, Jardín Botanico, Parque Lleras, El Periodista, etc.

In the One Plaza office, meeting rooms have names of planets from our solar system. They also look like them!  You can live on the Earth, have a meeting on Mars, chill in Jupiter, take a call on Saturn, or have a break in Neptune. The 16th and 17th floors have the coordinates of a mountain written on the floor.

Having fun!

As part of our “Have Fun” culture, we organize some cool activities:

  • We have a terrace where we can have BBQs, play basketball, practice yoga, play ping-pong, or try our soccer simulator!
  • If you don’t want to use the stairs, you can use the slide that ends in our Chill Out!
  • We celebrate Halloween: Globers with the best costumes win a prize. This has become a tradition in Colombia!
  • We also have time to relax. At Vizcaya, we have a special room where we can go and chill or take a little nap. At One Plaza, we have special furniture too. It’s a very comfortable space!
  • In certain places, our own Alexa speaks to us. We are nerds for voice recognition technology. No, we don’t let her chime in while we are napping!

Another fun fact is that in Medellín, we made the first Globant Talent Day and the first Development Week ever. They have been replicated at other sites around the world and have positioned us as a relevant company in our industry over the years.

If you ever want to stop by…

Hope you get the chance to visit our Medellín offices someday. If you are nearby and are looking for a cool team to join, consider applying.

Check out our highlight story on Instagram about our offices in @globantpics. Each one has its own story to tell.

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