Meet Ayan Modak, Subject Matter Expert – QE Studio at Globant Pune, India.

– What has your career path at Globant been like? What did you change along the way to adapt to new roles and projects?

My journey at Globant is full of learning and exploring multiple technologies. I never get a chance to feel monotonous because I believe every project has something new to offer or I offer the project something new.

To adopt new roles I prepare myself to accept all types of challenges, learn from my mistakes and emphasize on improving my skills.

– Given how fast technology changes, how has your job evolved throughout the years?

If I go back to the time I joined Globant (Clarice back then), I see myself as a person with some programming knowledge in Java. Over the years I have evolved by learning framework design from scratch, mobile (iOS & Android) automation, API automation, integration, JavaScript, Protractor and many more. I love the fact that Globant always encourages Globers to learn and implement new technologies in the project. Therefore, helping a person find the best solution to a problem.

– What do you think are good habits to keep up to date in tech?

In today’s world there are lots of ways to be relevant. I believe the only thing that is required is a “passion to learn technology”.  

– Did you have moments or situations in your professional career that made you think you couldn’t make it through, but actually made you stronger? Which were those?

It was the very first project(Vecna) of my journey with Globant(Clarice). I got lots of bouncers, yorkers and googlies which actually made me stronger and mature.

– What five qualities should an expert in your field have?

  1. An expert should try to find the solution of a problem, not try to fit the existing solution into the problem.
  2. Understanding of the application development. If someone does not understand the architecture of the application, it can not be tested properly.
  3. Understanding QA processes. Ultimately, it’s all about the quality of the product.
  4. Strong programming skills.
  5. Leadership skills.

– If you could say only one phrase to people starting their professional path in tech, what would you say?

Keep learning, keep growing.

– Name five things you love about working for Globant

  1. Open work culture. I can reach out to anyone to get help.
  2. Working with latest technologies.
  3. Value individual’s skills.
  4. Flexible timing.
  5. Goa trip/party

– What recommendations would you give someone that wants to join your team?

  1. Ability to raise a flag when things are not clear to that person.
  2. Working  for test automation, programming skills are a must.
  3. The person should have dedication and interest towards the job they are doing.

– Tell us a fun fact about you
I am a “pure non-vegetarian” and foodie. I also love to cook multiple dishes for my family and friends.

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