Let us share some insights of the great achievements of the Globant Cloud Team. The facts below make us really proud:

  1. In 2018 we started achieving an important Cloud badge for Google CloudPlatform Infrastructure WW. Why is this relevant? Because there are only eight companies in the world with this badge, and none of those have a long term partnership relationship with Google as Globant.
  2. Only few companies have certifications for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services like we do, and less companies have Google CloudComputing badge as well.
  3. We have a solid and scalable Cloud and DevOps capable team eager to keep growing, reshaping and supporting unique attributes that make s Globant the best Digital transformation Partner for any customer and industry.
  4. More than 300 Globers are able to deliver pure Cloud and DevOps Services, partnering with the latest and greatest technology companies like New Relic, Atlassian, Hashicorp, Github to mention a few.
  5. We prove to have a compelling message to support Globant’s strategy. As IDC stated in their latest report: “Worldwide, Globant is seen as the most capable of all firms at envisioning, planning, and designing enterprise wide digital strategy, as well as the IT road maps required to support such initiatives. Moreover, Globant is considered by clients to be the strongest firm for Cloud-related engagements and at incorporating Cloud and IoT technologies into other projects.”

Do you want to learn more about our cloud services? Visit: https://www.globant.com/studio/cloud-ops


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