From February 20th through February 24th, we celebrated the first edition of React Development Week in our Globant Medellín Office.

React Development Week focused on the exchange of ideas and best practices from Globers, as well as friends from Medellín’s tech community. As its name suggests, we focused on ReactJs, a Javascript library used to build user interfaces, which becomes more popular each year, making it necessary for those experienced in ReactJs to come together to teach others about it.

We hosted more than 400 attendees in a 5-talk series and two final workshops in which the attendees could practice what they learnt over the week. The talks covered different topics, ranging from the principles of React to more advanced topics related to status management The attendees were satisfied with the knowledge they gained, and were excited to apply that knowledge in their careers. Globant is proud to serve as a forum for for tech communities and as a space in which to learn and promote tech conversations.

Gabriel Trujillo, one of the speakers at React Development Week, shared his experience from another point of view: “The React week demonstrated the potential that Globant has to call people in and organize such an event, open to the community, promoting the local development. The diversity of topics covered and the way in which each speaker faced the challenge of talking to a great audience represented a hit for the process of selection of speakers.

“The event was really cool and enriching,” he continued. “This is the first time that a company considers organising an event of this size, not being created by any specific community in the city, and where everyone is allowed to participate in a conference series for a whole week and for free. Globers grew professionally, as well as a community in general.”

“We had the opportunity to meet speakers of all levels, who shared with us their training in React and made it easier for us, who are initiating on that library, to tackle it in a simple way. This is a unique initiative that would allow Globant to be a good reference for local and other cities’ developers, who will eventually want to be part of this company, a company that considers its own talents and the rest as people that can grow,” said Vanessa Aristizabal, one of the event’s attendees.

Andres Vergara, another attendee, also shared his experience: “It’s exciting to see the talent that we have at Globant, and the passion that React inspires. It’s even more exciting to share this feeling with the whole community!”

React Week is part of Development Week, which consists of a week of events organised and supported by Globant. The goal of Development Week is to achieve a more active participation in tech communities cities across South America, while also bringing together and sharing Globers’ knowledge in different tech topics.

Don’t miss the next edition of Development Week, between the months of March and April, in which we’ll dive into Angular.


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