Cybersecurity week, led by our Cybersecurity Studio, was an initiative to generate awareness around cybersecurity in the IT industry. This goes along with our commitment to the Cybersecurity Tech Accord earlier this year.

It was a week full of talks and activities. These took place daily, focused on basic concepts, security tools, data protection regulations and DevSecOps, among other topics.

More than 1600 Globers registered to attend the different sessions which took place worldwide. We had speakers from Romania, México, the United States and Argentina, to name a few.

In addition to the talks and workshops, all Globers were invited to play “Capture the Flag” to test their knowledge and recognize threats. Almost 400 Globers participated from different cities, and Lima, Córdoba and Pune ended up being the top three cities with the most threats identified.

A fun fact about this initiative was that some Globers tried to hack the game. Some actually achieved it, but still could not hack the leaderboard.

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