Why is Globant a Great Place to Work? Here’s what Globers have to say about it

August 11, 2022

This year, Globant has been recognized by Great Place to Work for the first time. It ranked as one of the best workplaces in Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, and India, and it was included among the 20 top companies to work in Latin America.

Would you like to discover the reason behind these recognitions? Keep reading and find out why Globers choose Globant as their favorite place to work.

  1. Justice and equity above all things

Globers feel they are treated equally, regardless of their age (94%), race (96.8%), gender (94.8%), and sexual orientation (96.8%).

“At Globant, I have always found acceptance and a genuine desire to create an inclusive and progressive workplace that is responsive to the needs of LGBTQIA+ folx. Because of this, communities that did not exist before now do. And because of this, the voices of members of this community can be heard even in those places where being LGBTQIA+ may not be safe.” Camren Daly, Tech Director at Globant
“At Globant, I received guidance, support, and a space to accelerate my learning curve. Globant not only provided the right environment so that I could grow without any gender bias, but it also helped me transition from a QC analyst to a Test Automation Specialist.” Rasika Subhedar, Technical Manager Quality Engineering at Globant. 

At Globant, we have policies and initiatives to bring down biases, favoritism, and any practice that prevents access to equal opportunities. Unbiased promotions and recruitment, fair compensation and recognition, and open and continuous feedback are a few examples.

  1. Credibility and autonomy

Trust between leaders and collaborators is priceless. In this regard, 92% of Globers think that their leaders trust them to do a good job without the need for permanent oversight. Without a solid trust base between collaborators and leaders, these results would not be possible.

“One of our pillars is Autonomy. As leaders, we trust our teams are the best ones to determine what their goals should be and how to achieve them. This mindset is challenging for leaders coming from other companies because it is disruptive and differs from the perspective that every decision must come from the leader and that the leader must know everything. That’s not how we work. We empower our teams and give them autonomy so that they can excel at what they do.” Natalia Amarillo, Studio Partner at Globant.
“I work with some outstanding senior leadership here, and I can tell you that what I see is that belief in me in their eyes. I am fortunate to work with a leader who always erases my self-doubts and pushes me to excel. I never had any ambivalent thoughts about the opportunities, growth, and success here at Globant and helping me find my niche.” Sonal Sahu – Architect and BI Community Leader

At Globant, autonomy is one of the key pillars of our culture. We empower our Globers and train them to undertake their client projects, own their careers, and leverage the opportunities we offer for professional development.

  1. Respect and care for people

People want to work in a company that cares about their well-being and takes real measures to look after and show appreciation for its collaborators. In this regard, 98% of Globers believe that Globant is a safe place to work.

“In Argentina, maternity leave generally takes into account only biological maternity. And I was the first Argentine Glober to adopt within Globant’s adoption scheme. There was no precedent. To date, I have no idea how the people with whom I shared the project, the Studio, and human resources managed to get everything done so quickly. They found my replacement for the project and tailor-made a maternity leave scheme to suit my specific situation in just a couple of days. It was decisive for me that Globant gave me time and support.  Maybe it’s something obvious or insignificant for others, but when you choose a different path, it is crucial to feel supported at work.” Natalia Biasi, Digital Marketing Specialist at Globant

At Globant, we are convinced that the momentum to innovate and transform the future of business begins with people’s well-being. That’s why we build humane and empathetic work environments.

  1. Feeling proud of being Globers 

Around 93% of Globers feel proud when they say they work at Globant. This is key because it shows the bond they established with the company. “Pride” as a metric shows how they feel about their work’s impact, their relationship with their team, and their overall feelings towards Globant.

“One of my dreams as a teenager, when it was clear that I wanted to be an engineer, was to be one for a large company, such as an aircraft manufacturer or an automotive brand. Hopefully, from somewhere else in the world. And then, I found myself at Globant, which has achieved changes for both industries and many others. It is a company that I am proud to represent. And I can even help transform the city and the country through my work.” Esteban Molina, Site Manager at Globant
“I have been working with Globant for the last 7 years, and when you stay in an organization for such a long period, it means you feel valued, connected, and growing. Globant inspired me by giving me fair opportunities based on my skills and aspirations. Globant is not just an organization but a culture I feel connected with. Blessed to be part of the Globant family.” Apala Sen – Salesforce Architect and Technical Lead


  1. An outstanding culture

Around 90% of Globers think that Globant is a fun place to work where people feel welcomed, both when they enter the company and when they change projects or areas. Our talent highlights the community spirit that flows in the company: 92% say that they can count on the collaboration of others.

“Working at Globant is the dream job where you choose your own career path and have the autonomy to develop it. You can do so because all the tools you need are available, and Globers are always available and ready to mentor you. At Globant, I constantly challenge myself, laugh my head off, and feel recognized and valued. I also learned that the saying “you can’t have friends at work” is a myth. It is possible, and I enjoy it every day.” Carolina Martins, Culture & Engagement Specialist at Globant
“At Globant, everyone contributes to a vast culture that seeks to help others, which makes work pleasant for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working remotely or at the office; if the team is in your country or not, you always feel part of the Glober culture, enjoying ping pong tournaments, end-of-year events, and cultural exchanges with people from other places.” Juan Maria Marsicovetere, Java Software Developer at Globant. 

As Globers, we believe a pleasant work environment, collaboration among peers, and work-life balance should be part of reality. Not a mere dream.

A people-centered value proposition

In a changing and challenging post-pandemic world, it’s crucial to humanize the future of work, rethink how to design purpose-driven organizations, and unleash people’s potential.

At Globant, we seek to offer the best environment for talent to develop and shine. Our collaborators’ thoughts and insights are vital in building that environment and ensuring a space full of trust, respect, justice, and pride, driven by a good relationship between peers and leaders.

These recognitions validate our people-first strategy.

Discover our GPTW 2022 Awards

Globant was certified as a Great Place to Work in every country we applied for. We received these recognitions:

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