UiPath RPA Developer Meetup in Pune – Powered by Globant

July 23, 2019

The world today is shifting towards digitization and demanding the next generation of process automation. RPA or Robotic Process Automation is here to bring that change in the world of process automation, enabling automation of complex business processes with the help of software robots or BOTs. RPA is pushing the limits of business process automation (BPA) and helping businesses to travel their digital journey.
Globant’s Process Automation Studio partnered with UiPath, a global RPA player to bring about a developer meetup for the passionate and enthusiastic members of the RPA community in Pune. The idea was to drive in the vision of delivering solutions that enable businesses to be more efficient, innovative and agile. The meetup – the second in its series – was held on Saturday,  June 8, 2019, at Globant’s Pune facility, and saw close to 70 participants from various fields, expertise, and organizations in attendance. The meet showcased numerous subject-matter experts from UiPath India including Vibhor Shrivastava, Regional Community Specialist, Jitendra Pande, Director – Events, India & APAC, Mamta Sharma, Technical Account Manager who addressed the attendees. 
The topics covered included basic RPA Capabilities and UiPath Components, the future prospect of RPA and demonstrated the capabilities of UiPath as an RPA designer and BOT builder. Sujit Channagire, Customer Success Manager at UiPath and Intelligent Automation expert explained the Why, Where and Hows of RPA and cases to consider apart from some interesting facts and figures and business benefits of RPA. Pranoti Inje, RPA Consultant at UiPath explained the UiPath RPA development tool and its major components. She also covered the new offering of the latest release of UiPath such as the first stable version of AI Vision, IntelligentOCR, UIAutomation (Microsoft Azure Computer Vision OCR), Edge(Experimental) automation with Edge browser, RDP Extension Process Keyboard shortcut, and GIT integration, etc.
After the UiPath team demonstrated the cognitive features of UiPath, Bantu Kumar and Sarika Chandorkar (System Architect and Technical Lead at Globant India) explained and demonstrated the Robotic Enterprise Framework (RE Framework) and its benefits. They demonstrated how this framework (featured by UiPath Studio) is built on the Finite-State Machine model. Furthermore, they discussed how this can help build a robust, extensible automation solution in the near future. After Bantu and Sarika, it was time for Rahul Gole, Co-Partner – Process Automation & Continuous Evolution Studios a Globant to take over. Rahul shared numerous industry examples including how Globant seamlessly adapted to UiPath and facilitated the successful training and certification of over 15 RPA development professionals.
The meetup indeed brought about an enriching learning experience for the community members. The participants got a chance to directly interact with UiPath personnel and specialists share their learning, development, journey experiences for RPA. Furthermore, it served as an apt platform to answer to multiple queries from the developer community on UiPath implementations, RE Framework and from many other areas. 

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