When software turned into hardware

May 4, 2018

Authored By: Catalina del Pino 
A full day of innovative ideas, inspiring stories, learning experiences and a surprising exhibition of technology. This was the second edition of Converge Latin America, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
It was an ordinary Thursday in the city of Buenos Aires, but it became an exceptional one at the Kirchner Cultural Centre. Members of the fashion world were holding an event on the first floor, and just one floor below them, a very different world was on display.. A world that we don’t see everyday, even if we do see the creations of the people who spend their days immersed in it..
Converge brought together some of the most creative minds in the world to meet the people behind these creations.
The tech world is well-known because of the pervasiveness of software. Yes, we see the tech world in many of the diverse gadgets that we use, but the real magic happens inside the device. At Converge, there was one hallway filled with  humanized software I call it ‘humanized’ software because we can talk to them, get to know them, and learn about who built them and why. The complexities and nuances of programming and technology, are incomprehensible for a lot of people, but in that hallway, these human-like creations seemed approachable, understandable, and even familiar..
These, innovative technologies, from virtual reality to a tech “metegol”, all try to solve problems and make our day-to-day lives easier. These previously little-known creations finally had a special day of recognition.
Converge was a conference that achieved a convergence of worlds, joining software, hardware, and humanity.

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