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October 25, 2022

The way we connect as human beings is constantly transforming. From written letters to direct messages on a social network, we have witnessed a profound change in how we engage with each other. At Converge, a free online event, we discuss how technology fuels this change, enhances human capabilities and allows us to reinvent how we connect with ourselves, the world, and the future.

Connecting with ourselves

The human expression will continue to find new shapes and formats to bring to life. At Converge, we will explore the profound impact advanced tech has had on us, from technologies that help us become better versions of ourselves to the threats that hold us back. 

We will talk with Arianna Huffington, the founder and CEO of Thrive, the founder of The Huffington Post, and the author of 15 books, about how technology is helping us reinvent ourselves and other ways to connect humanity with the tech we use every day. 

We will also hear from American supermodel, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Karlie Kloss about her vision for inclusivity in the tech world. We will also discuss Kode with Klossy and how the metaverse and emerging tech are shaping her work in the fashion industry.

Connecting with the world

Technology has the power to reinvent how we experience the world. Leading brands use technology to transform their businesses, leveraging new developments like blockchain, crypto, gaming, the metaverse, and AI.

We will speak with industry leaders who revolutionize how their companies interact with consumers, reinventing connections and enhancing customer experiences. From blockchain and data management to digital magic in smart venues, we see technology enhance experiences in healthcare, sports, and the automotive industry, to name a few. We will hear incredible reinvention stories from La Liga Tech, the LA Clippers, Talespin, Lilly, Dr. Mesko, and Nissan. 

Connecting with the future

Amid all this ongoing change, how can we look ahead and predict how the future will be reinvented through emerging technologies? What will be different about how we connect in the future?

The metaverse is an evolution of how users connect with brands, intellectual properties, and each other on the Internet. It can create infinite opportunities for businesses to be omnipresent, curating immersive experiences to empower customers to navigate their journeys and foster unique, personalized connections with brands.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another company that has created more unique experiences for its customers than Disney. We can’t wait to hear Globant’s Martin Migoya’s conversation with the incredible Bob Iger, former CEO and Chairman of The Walt Disney Company.

You don’t want to miss this year’s Converge!

Join us on November 3rd and hear igniting stories from inspiring leaders, gain insights from global experts, and discover how leading brands use technology to reinvent their businesses. 

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