Globant participated in the Pune Data Conference

April 4, 2018

On March 31st, Globant participated in the Pune Data Conference, an annual event that aims to attract industry leaders and key companies to discuss the latest trends on technology.
Over 350 business leaders, engineers and data analysts attended Pune Data Conference, where they had the chance to attend 22 talks, workshops, and also panel discussions. Globant was represented by Amit Adhau, a Data Architect from the Big Data Studio at Globant Pune, who gave a talk on “Architectural Impact As Per Big Data Tools In Real Time Systems”, sharing the track with other talks given by experts from companies such as Linkedin, RedHat, and Paypal, among others.
In his talk, Amit remarked the importance of identifying the right tool for different use cases and also the relevance of understanding how such decision affects the final solution architecture while  fulfilling the business goals. Amit also covered a variety of Big Data tools that could be implemented at different architectural stages. To conclude, he sketched a complete architecture for a real time system based on the discussed tools.
Thanks Amit for representing us and congrats for your presentation!
Check pictures here!

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