When Globant Rocked OSRAM SEI DAY!

September 7, 2018

Globant was among OSRAM Global’s suppliers who were invited to submit a proposal for OSRAM on OSRAM SEI day (Supplier-Enabled Innovation Day). The event was based around OSRAM’s ideas about “Reinventing Light”—OSRAM’s vision of how light will become digital and drive radically innovative solutions for customers across diverse verticals.
And OSRAM has often emphasised how much they benefit from supplier-enabled innovation. Thorsten Müller, Head of Innovation at OSRAM, said at the event that supplier-enabled innovation helped them gain speed and momentum. Peter Nägeleien, Head of Supplier Enabled Innovation, said suppliers helped the company realise opportunities faster—and that “if we don’t partner, we lose.”
At OSRAM SEI Day, OSRAM’s partners and suppliers were invited to propose technology solutions around Smart Sensing, and have discussions with the top management (CTO, CPO, SVP Innovation) at OSRAM, along with innovation and technology leaders.
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Smart Sensing is about building smart applications based on combining the right sensor hardware, firmware, and software. The idea for Smart Sensing comes from the fact that light is ubiquitous; that light is the basis of a variety of infrastructures; and that sensors can capture data as needed because they can be placed anywhere.
We @Team Globant—Vinaya Kadam, Sneha Parhi, Sooraj Ramachandran, Kapil Koruche, Amol Patil, Javier Minhondo, Matias Boix, Diego Cardozo (UX, Mobile, IoT, Big Data, AI) collaborated and worked on a pitch titled “Enlighting Experiences (Lights. Sensors. Intelligence.)”
Where other companies had shared multiple entries, our proposal was a single entry. It was selected for presentation on July 17 out of a thousand submissions. Of a total of 18, we were one of the two services vendors who made a presentation. Charles, Amol, and Haldo attended the grand event in Munich.
Amol and Haldo made the innovation pitch (15 minutes), which was well received by the entire audience. We presented alongside world leaders in the smart sensing space, including the likes of Blickfeld (LIDAR), On Semiconductor (Peel, Stick and Read), and Xethru (Advanced presence, respiration and movement tracking).
Osram’s SVP and Head of Global Procurement, showed considerable interest in Globant’s offering and Unified E2E approach, which aligned with Osram’s Lightelligence platform where we could partner on AI and other integration areas.
We are currently discussing opportunities with the OSRAM Boston team.

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