Hackatrix Bogotá: another experience of coding for good

October 17, 2019

On September 28th, Globant and Belatrix joined forces to host the 2019 Bogotá Hackatrix.

This event involved a lot of logistics on the part of the Globant Salitre offices. We had to ensure that approximately 350 people (including staff, the jury, and participants) would enjoy this unprecedented experience in the city.

Leonardo Bautista and Felipe Peña hosted the event!

Hackatrix Bogotá brought together almost 250 participants divided into 48 teams. These teams competed from 8 am until 10 pm on a long journey, full of adrenaline and fun.

The main objective: to develop a mobile or web application that solves a problem and adds value to the community in a positive way. The ingenuity and creativity of the participants was a sight to see.

Teams shared many interesting proposals at Hackatrix. From applications to connect people to legal help quickly, to apps that provided access to psychiatric assistance, we saw it all. There were even applications to help hard-of-hearing and vision-impaired users enjoy web content. In the end, only ten teams got to the final presentation stage.

Our brilliant judges: Carlos Álvarez, Gabriel Martínez, and David Correa.

Finally, the judges reached their decision. They announced the winners of first place: team TroyAndes! Their winning idea? An application to redistribute leftover food from Bogotá’s many restaurants to those who need it most throughout the city. In addition, several awards were given to various other teams.

TroyAndes, the winning team!

Surely, this event will set the tone for similar events in the city. We think of it as the first of many hackathons, where social awareness, creativity, and fun will be front and center.

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