Globant in Mexico City: New offices as part of our expansion plan

September 13, 2021

We will soon inaugurate our new offices in Mexico City. They are located in the Carracci Tower in Benito Juarez on Insurgentes, one of the main avenues of the city, right in its financial district. This new office is a strategic space to enhance our operational growth in Mexico and contribute to the creation of opportunities for local talent.

About our new offices

Experiencing the office also means developing Globant’s culture. That is why we prioritize spaces where people can connect and share moments. We seek to consolidate a sense of belonging and to continue enabling our “Have Fun” value. 

Our Carracci offices are inspired by the genres of literature as a creative concept. We seek to bring feelings and emotions to the surface through sounds in space and small imaginary places where fantastic stories unfold.

As part of the architectural design, you will find open offices inspired by hymn, poetry, and satire, and a Chill Out area that represents medieval times. These are spaces designed to let our imagination run free through the magical paths of literature. Fantasy, adventure and legends are no strangers, and we can experience them in our meeting rooms and other smaller spaces. Action and illustration are also represented by the comics placed along the corridors and in common areas. 

About Globant in Mexico

Globant’s operations in Mexico began in 2014, and we currently employ more than 2500 people in the country. By the end of the year, we will have opened 2 new work, innovation and technological development spaces in Mexico City and Guadalajara, and we plan to create 1200 new local jobs.

In December 2020, we arrived in Monterrey thanks to our collaboration with the private sector initiative of Monterrey, as well as with the academic sector, with the purpose of dealing with different issues linked to technology, digitalization and the Industry 4.0. For Monterrey, we have planned an initial investment of USD 4 million by the end of 2021, and we aim to welcome more than 200 new Globers before the year ends.

Our presence in Mexico allows us to respond to international, American and local demand, given that companies’ digitalization processes have accelerated significantly as a result of the pandemic. The possibility of accessing Mexican talent enables us to continue using emerging technologies to navigate the needs of our clients. 
To learn more about Globant’s opportunities in Mexico, visit our Careers page.

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