Globant India Lightning Session – Will ReactJS Kill Angular?

January 23, 2018

JavaScript framework landscape is continuously evolving, and the debate whether to choose AngularJS or ReactJS – both being most widely adopted technology, seems to be a challenging one for web developers.
Globant India – Pune organized a Lightning Session – “Will React kill Angular?”, on Jan 19th, 2018, at Globant India office premises, to address this on-going comparison. There was a whopping attendance of 80, all eager to know more.
During the event, Yogesh Kokare and Parijat Sardesai of Globant India demonstrated how one could approach the problem of comparing these two frameworks in a structured manner on their own and tailor it to their environment. They discussed a wide range of factors putting examples of specific use case scenarios, to promote a better and deep understanding of both the technologies.
The session was kick started by addressing the problems that web page applications face and how they are tackled, with a brief snapshot on how the future of web application technologies is going to be. Later, they deep dived into different features of React and AngularJS, their similar aspects, and drew technical as well as philosophical comparisons between them. Further, they explained where AngularJS and React can be utilised based on project types and scopes, development speed and comfort, view rendering and more.
The event was very successful as evident by the level of interactions between the speakers and the participants.

If you have missed the event, take a look at the presentation to get an outline of what was discussed: 


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