Globant Colombia: We’ve opened new offices in Bogotá and Medellín

December 21, 2021

In November and December, we opened our new offices at Conecta G6 in Bogotá, and at Cortezza and One Plaza in Medellín. These new offices are strategic spaces to enhance our operational growth in Colombia and contribute to the creation of opportunities for local talent.

About our new offices in Bogotá and Medellín

At Globant, we believe that experiencing the office means living our culture. We prioritize spaces where people can connect and share moments and experiences, as we seek to consolidate a sense of belonging and to foster our “Have Fun” value.

The design and the branding of these new offices are inspired by design trends, the seasons of the year, the weather, and fiction, among other concepts, and they seek to create friendly and innovative spaces. We also focus on functionality and sustainability and provide equipment with an added value for Globers.

Our futuristic Conecta G6 offices, located at the Connecta business center in Bogotá, are based on the idea of parallel worlds, a physics hypothesis involving the existence of several universes or relatively independent realities. As part of the architectural design, you will find open offices inspired by space, the universe and the cosmos.

We also have meeting and work rooms inspired by video games such as Tetris, Super Mario, Pokémon, Spider-Man, and Minecraft, among others. 

Our Cortezza offices, located at the Cortezza building on Vía Las Palmas in Medellín, are characterized by a design connected to the Globers’ emotional potential. Well-being and balance are very important to Globant. That’s why we offer spaces aimed at eliciting feelings and a sense of harmony, vitality, serenity, and balance. 

At Cortezza, you will find open spaces, offices, meeting rooms and entertainment areas inspired by tropical, dry, cold and warm weather, featuring details based on scenarios like jungles, deserts, glaciers and badlands.

Our One Plaza offices, on the other hand, are located on Avenida El Poblado in Medellín, and their design is based on space and planets, as well as on the sceneries and experiences we may find on our way to the stars. Its hallways, murals, offices, meeting spaces and open areas are inspired by Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.

You may also find spaces designed around famous movies, such as Wall-E, Terminator, I Robot, Matrix, Back to the Future, Inception, Blade Runner, and A Space Odyssey, among others.

About Globant in Colombia

Globant’s operations in Colombia began in 2009. We currently have more than 5000 collaborators in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla, which makes us one of the largest tech employers in the country. Only in 2021, we hired more than 2000 direct employees.

In September 2021, we arrived in Barranquilla with the purpose of strengthening the development of talent in the region and providing world-class opportunities to local professionals. Our goal is to welcome 300 more Globers to our Barranquilla offices before 2021 comes to an end. In addition, we promote the development of new talent through boot camps and training programs, reaffirming our leading role in the IT industry.

Our presence in Colombia allows us to satisfy the digitalization needs of companies, which have accelerated significantly as a result of the pandemic. Colombian talent enables us to continue supporting clients throughout their digital transformation.   
To learn more about the opportunities that Globant has to offer in Colombia, visit our Careers page.

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