Discover the awards that Globant won in 2021

January 6, 2022

We are truly proud of all the awards we won in 2021! We want to congratulate all Globers and thank our community for allowing us to keep growing and improving.

Globant’s recognitions as a global leader in digital transformation

Throughout our 18-year history, we have focused on reinventing ourselves and the companies we work with. As Martín Migoya, our Co-Founder and CEO, pointed out: “Innovation is not just a department or area, it’s an attitude. We are here to innovate, we live innovating, and without innovation we wouldn’t exist.” The awards we received celebrate this innovative spirit and confirm our global leadership. 

●      One of the 5 fastest growing engineering services companies by Everest Group.

●      2021 Super Companies Ranking (Mexico).

●      2021 Exporting Awards (Argentina).

●      ESE Awards – 2021 Most Innovative Tech Company (Chile).

●      ESE Awards – 2021 Most Innovative Company (Chile).

●      2021 Jerry Awards – Digital Transformation Company (Argentina).

●      Best of Disney Technology 2021 Awards – AI & Data categories (Global).

●      ECHO Latam 2021 – Second place in the Best Use of Endo-marketing category.

●      Merco Image Ranking – Companies (Argentina).

●      2021 Multilatinas de América Ranking – Economy.

●      Influence 100 Ranking for companies – HORSE, 5th place.

●      Influence 100 Ranking for tech companies – HORSE, 2nd place. 

Globant’s recognitions as a great employer

At Globant, we seek to provide the best environment for all people to be the best version of themselves and develop their full potential. Our goal is to be the preferred choice of talent. That’s why we believe that prioritizing our Globers’ experience is the key to building a successful organization in the long term. We work with all Globers to carry out our mission, with a strong focus on their holistic well-being, diversity as an enabler of innovation, and constant learning. We were granted the following awards because of a positive assessment of our work environment, culture, benefits, career development, and best practices, among other aspects.

●      2021 Comparably Award for work‑life balance.

●      2021 Comparably Award for offering the best perks and benefits.

●      Comparably Award for Best Company Culture.

●      Comparably Award for Best Company for Women.

●      Comparably Award for Best Company for Diversity.

●      2021 Eikon Award – Globant Together Campaign (Internal Communication category).

●      Apertura Magazine – Best Employers of 2021, 5th place.

●      Employers for Youth 2021 – 1st place (Peru).

●      Employers for Youth 2021 – 2nd place (Chile).

●      Employers for Youth 2021 – 2nd place (Brazil).

●      Employers for Youth Tech Andino 2021 – 1st place (Comunidad Andina).

●      Employers for Youth Tech 2021 – 2nd place (Chile).

●      Best Place to Work LGBTQ+ 2022 from Human Rights Campaign Foundation (Mexico).

●      Break Friendly Company (Mexico).

●      Great Place to Work – 3rd place (Colombia).

●  CREAR Comunicación Awards – Employer Brand 2021 (Uruguay).

●      2021 Merco Talent Awards (Argentina).

●      Merco Talent Ranking – 2nd place – Tech sector (Argentina).

●      2021 EIKON Awards – Globant Together.

●      Americas Property Awards 2021, “Office Interior” category for the Globant Conecta G7 project.

Recognitions to Globant’s leadership

At Globant, we are proud of our Globers. Our teams are made up of specialists from all over the world with a long track record in the technology sector who have developed some of the most revolutionary solutions in their fields. The leaders recognized by these prestigious organizations were honored for their positive contributions to the tech industry and their huge inspiration and influence on the next generation of future leaders.  

●      Martín Migoya, CEO & Co-Founder, 3rd place in the 2021 Merco Leaders/CEOs Ranking.

●      Guibert Englebienne, Globant X President & Co-founder, 2021 Merco Leaders/CEOs Ranking.

●      Martín Migoya, CEO & Co-Founder, Influence 100 CEOs Ranking – HORSE.

●      Guibert Englebienne, Globant X President & Co-founder, Influence 100 CEOs Ranking – HORSE.

●      Patricia Pomies, Chief Operating Officer, finalist for the “Recognition of outstanding women in business 2021″ from WCD Argentina.

●      Wanda Weigert, Chief Brand Officer, Rocking Talent 2021.

●      Fernando Matzkin, Chief Business Officer North America, HITEC 100 List for 2022.

●      Fernando Matzkin, Chief Business Officer North America, The 2021 Global Leadership Institute Awards from HMG Strategy (Global).

●      Nicolás Ávila, Chief Technology Officer, HITEC 100 List for 2022.

●      Nelly Ortiz, Director of Business Hacking, HITEC 100 List for 2022.

●      InfoNegocios (Uruguay) – Best Team 2021.

●      Sonia Pacheco, Head of Marketing & Communications EMEA, 2021 Best Marketing Director from Byte TI 2021.

Recognitions to the Be Kind commitment

Just as people do, Globant grows, evolves, and reinvents all the time. That is why our path towards diversity and inclusion is constantly being updated, expanded, deepened and redefined, seeking to transform our reality. We are especially grateful for these recognitions because they confirm that our efforts are headed in the right direction and have an impact on our goal to make the world a better place.  

●      WEPs Argentina 2021 “Empresas por Ellas” Award in the COVID-19 category

●  “El Talento no tiene Género” WEPs Award 2021 in the Multinational Companies category – Uruguay.

●      2021 EIKON Awards – Women that Build Campaign (Diversity, Inclusion, and Gender Sustainability category).

●      Spain’s Integra Foundation Award (Social Projects category).

We are proud of everything we have achieved in 2021 and we are ready to hack the future. We are more than ready!

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