Converge invites you to rethink innovative forms of collaboration for the future

June 24, 2020


Why participate in Converge 2020?


The impact of COVID-19 has shaken the agenda of industries, organizations, and individuals. In this context, it is more necessary than ever to reflect, debate, and learn about how companies are adapting to the new reality, facing challenges, and taking advantage of opportunities to transform and grow.

In recent months, thanks to digital transformation, organizations have been able to communicate and continue their work. But the future will be even more complex and challenging, and will demand an even greater level of innovation and collaboration. Only true and deep collaboration between teams, organizations, and industries can drive companies to evolve and lead change.

In its 2020 edition, Converge proposes to build an interactive meeting space for debate and knowledge aimed at learning, connecting, inspiring, and discovering how the power of technology can generate innovative forms of collaboration.

Together, we invite you to rethink and redefine the future of digital innovation and transformation. Are you ready to enter the new age of collaboration? 

What is Converge: The Rise of Augmented Organizations about?



Converge 2020: you will leave transformed and with new ideas


Converge promotes new ways of thinking about our relationship with technology through exhibitions, interactive talks, and on-demand ConvergeX sessions which will allow you to transform your vision and challenge the status quo. 

Thousands of people will connect in this online meeting dedicated to exploring tools, applications, and the impact of real cases in order to rethink the future.



Speakers: You will hear the most influential voices in the industry


Some of the speakers at Converge 2020 are:

  • Guy Kawasaki, Keynote Speaker (Innovation), Chief Evangelist of Canva, and bestselling author of ‘The Art of the Start’
  • Pascal Finette, Co-founder at be radical, Singularity University’s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation
  • James Taylor, Keynote Speaker (Creativity), award-winning entrepreneur, founder of C.SCHOOL
  • Madeline Di Nonno, CEO of the Geena Davis Institute
  • Martín Migoya, CEO & Co-founder at Globant
  • Guibert Englebienne, Co-founder & CTO at Globant
  • Marina Saint-Lary, Chief Solution Officer Globant
  • Christian Tomasofsky, Mobile Banking Development Lead at FIS



Exclusive Roundtables


Converge will also feature exclusive interactive sessions for executives, where they can discuss strategic topics about the new digital and cognitive paradigm needed to succeed in business. Our experts will guide you in personalized meetings according to your interests.



Converge X: stay connected and learn


Converge 2020 does not end the day of the event. At this time, you will be able to take advantage of online chats that will be offered on different dates and on demand.

ConvergeX is our space to inspire you and discover how industries are converging to transform the world. There will be on demand chats, oriented at getting to know the most innovative developments within different emerging technologies and across multiple industries. 

We invite you to join the conversation and take part in interactive sessions where strategic topics of the digital and cognitive revolution will be discussed in depth. For example: scalable platforms of digital experiences, trends in consumption acceleration, conversational user interfaces, and much more key content for the evolution of business.

You will share these personalized spaces with the organizations’ mentors, specialists in the issues, and leaders of Globant Studios where the plurality of views and the debate of ideas will generate new ways of thinking about digital transformation. 

Our experts will guide the interactive sessions according to the different topics.

In this way, a space will be generated to continue the debate initiated in Converge and will allow you to keep on learning and generating enriching conversations on the different topics.

Converge is a trilogy of online events that will allow you to rethink innovative forms of collaboration for the new future. These events will be available in both Spanish and English.

Don’t miss the next dates:

  • Technology Enhancing Humanity: available in September 2020
  • Cognitive Disruption: available in October/November 2020

Come see how industries and organizations are CONVERGING towards forms of augmented collaboration that can scale and overcome this new reality.

We are waiting for you!





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