Become an Augmented Organization to successfully drive your business reinvention

June 22, 2021

What will the organizations of the future look like? How will they tackle the gradual recovery from a global pandemic, ongoing environmental challenges, and the rapid pace of change? We believe that Augmented Organizations are the ones best suited to tackle these challenges.


What are Augmented Organizations?


Globant defines Augmented Organizations as organizations that are creating transformations that go beyond digital. These organizations are using technology in every part of their value chain, but they are also harnessing the full power of artificial intelligence and creating powerful, new, and engaging experiences. They are not just investing in artificial intelligence capabilities – but rather creating human-centric AI products and services, which bring people and technology together. For the end consumer, this means enjoying a product or service that feels, to all intents and purposes, like they are interacting with a human. For the developers and testers in technology teams, it means using AI to create software more quickly and efficiently – tools such as Augmented Coding, can significantly increase developer productivity. 

Augmented Organizations have also found new ways to use technology to foster cultural and personal connections – such as by using dedicated platforms to manage their now remote workforce.


Augmented Organizations must play a role in the climate crisis


Augmented Organizations are also those that place sustainability, inclusiveness, and diversity at their core. By doing this, they will be ready to navigate the various technical, organizational, and financial challenges caused by our ongoing climate crisis.

Sustainability can no longer be a one-off project, or consigned to traditional corporate social responsibility initiatives that have more to do with feeling good than making a real difference. Augmented Organizations will create their own inclusive climate roadmaps, bringing together science-based targets and methods, and instill “carbon-thinking.” 

This means creating new, specialized green or carbon teams. Such teams will be able to augment other skills in a way that blends technology and sustainability. This also applies to digital-first companies, not just those with extensive physical assets. The exponential increase in digital devices, products, and services across every aspect of our lives means there is a clear need to reduce the everyday energy consumption of the software being designed and built.

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