Lifelong learning and unlearning

May 28, 2020

The learning experiences at Globant are available at any time, all the time. Our main focus is placed on the development of our talent, and successfully encouraging a culture of continuous learning that lasts throughout one’s life. That is why the learning experiences at Globant are infinite and diverse. We want to provide opportunities for each student to learn what they need and when they need it at work.

The greatest lesson that we have to learn today is to be conscious of the changes taking place and how we are quickly adapting to them. It is a new opportunity to reinvent oneself. But it is also an opportunity to challenge oneself.

This reality has changed our learning systems among people and within organizations.

At Globant, the autonomy that characterizes us has permitted us to encourage a new form of learning while taking into account each person’s needs.

Learning at Globant has to do with connecting learning with each person’s purposes and objectives.


Globant University was born with this objective: to provide all Globers with access to different learning experiences and train them based on their time, interests, level, and expertise.



The trainings are produced by our technical mentors at different sites, in different languages, and at different times. Consolidating all of these experiences into a single location was a major challenge. But Globant University now allows for easy access to different tracks for both technical knowledge and soft skills.

Thus the Schools of Technology, Leadership, Languages, and Agile Mindset were created in order to identify the main branches of knowledge and the different disciplines within Globant.

For example, leadership and mentors are key figures within each career path’s development, and the reason why Globant University sought to encourage free and autonomous access to trainings that are within reach.

         We have the ability to continuously reinvent ourselves and help others do so as well by sharing our knowledge and experience. It is about providing collaboration networks that connect everyone because genuine knowledge is built collectively.

         Globant University’s platform offers an enormous opportunity in these times: the possibility to continuously learn and unlearn. But above all, it gives each Glober the option to understand what the requirements and skills are that they need to build their own program within Globant.


         Globant University was built based on the advice of an Academic Committee of experts in education providing major value in the different learning experiences that Globant provides.


       In time, it is expected that each user will be able to rank the experiences and there will be more and more collaboration between the technical leadership and Globers.

Globant is a place that stands out for its culture, innovation, clients, and infinite possibilities.
Today, Globant University adds to all of this the possibility of training, relearning, and development as an added value for all our Globers, thus encouraging a culture of lifelong continuous learning.

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