Globant Cover Story: Marina Saint-Lary

November 5, 2018

Meet Marina Saint-Lary, Chief Solution Officer at Globant. Based in Orlando, Florida.

Here at Globant, our Globers represent, grow and live within our culture. Cover Stories are a space to feature recognized Globers. In this edition, meet Mariana Saint-Lary, Chief Solutions Officer at Globant Orlando, Florida.

– Tell us a fun fact about youPeople say I speak English better than I speak Spanish. :)Even though Spanish is my mother tongue, I grew up in Canada and learned English at a very young age so my vocabulary and verbs in Spanish sometimes are pretty rocky.

– What five things do you love about working at Globant

    • a. The possibility to grow with the company


    • b. The ability to take on different roles


    • c. To be part of projects in large companies


    • d. The flexibility


    e. And the most important one…the people

– What would you tell someone who wants to work at Globant?

I would tell them three main things: Globant has endless possibilities; you just have to keep your eyes open and go for it. The possibilities are there and it is up to you to grab them. Also at Globant, all ideas are heard and considered, it is just a matter of speaking up. And last but not least the people at Globant rock!

– Which three books you’d like to recommend a Glober?

    • a. The Power of Habit


    • b. Start with Why


    c. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

– How was your career path at Globant?

I started 15 years ago as a Tester. Yes, that is correct!!! A Tester! After that, I lead the QA team and then moved on to implementing the process framework. Back then Globant was new to having processes in place. I also helped in certifying CMMi.
After that, I started working as a PM for different accounts, and then I moved on to managing Presales. At the start of 2015, I moved to Orlando to take on the challenge of being Engagement Manager for an entertainment company and then a couple of months ago I was offered the possibility to be CSO and Head of Farming. Puff! What a story…long but true. I’ve had a chance to work with soon many great teams and people during my time here.

– Did you have moments or situations in your professional career that made you think you couldn’t make it through, but actually made you stronger? Which were those?

Absolutely. Until today I still get them :)I would say that working as PM for FIFA (during several years) within the EA account was the most challenging work I’ve done and I thought I wouldn’t survive. Not only the long hours and not having sufficient experience in gaming industry at that time, but also being on the spotlight since everyone was watching if we can make it happen or not. Keeping the team motivated under so much stress was also challenging but, I received great tips and advise that got me through.. I always say, talk to your peers, get different opinions, listen and consider all advises.

– If you could say only one phrase to people starting their professional path in tech, what would you say?

I always like to tell everyone I work with that “the devil is in the details.”

– If you had to explain your job to a little kid, what would you say?

I would say “I like to work with teams so that they can be better each day. So I’m like a coach.”

– In an alternate universe, my job would be…

A Kindergarten Teacher

– One passport stamp I’m dying to get is…


– What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

My husband and my beautiful girls.

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