Cover Story: David Correa

December 18, 2018

Meet David Correa, Studio Partner – Globant Colombia.
Before joining Globant in 2011, David already knew about the organization. He said it was love at first sight. Although he worked in another company and in a managerial position, the need for technical reconnection was as imperative for him as his desired to seek new opportunities.
It was specifically in February of that year that he began his professional journey which would lead him to improve his skills, gain experience, learn from his mistakes, build relationships and start to build a fulfilling career at Globant. If you want to know about the process, and what were the keys to his success, we invite you to read this complete interview.

– Do you remember how the trip around Globant Colombia started?

Moving to Globant was a big risk because the company was just starting here in Colombia, but I saw the opportunity to grow if I did a good job. Not only was all so new, but it was great to see the growth of the company throughout the world, especially during the past few years as the opportunities increased more and more. For this reason, I also didn’t hesitate to turn back a little and go down to the technical area again, which was a desire, though many people thought it was a setback in my career. On the contrary, I believe it was a step towards an even bigger growth.
I remember perfectly the day I joined the company. I was contacted by the Project Manager of my first assignment. He basically told me: “We are training the client about our technology. We need you to go to their office to greet them”. So it was my turn to go there the first week right from the start, with almost no knowledge about Globant. On the other hand, the situation coincided with a specialization that I was doing. Therefore, the start was quite challenging because it was really hard to respond to the Globant and university demands at the same time. That start set the tone for the technical excellence that I would have to work with at Globant. The other complication was that my job had to be at client’s office, so being exposed to them meant that I couldn’t demonstrate any technical weaknesses.

– How were the steps that followed until arriving at the VP of Technology position?

I started as a Software Designer.Net. About a year and a half ago, I had a promotion to Architect, thanks to the good feedback the client gave me. When one is alone in a project, working in client’s offices, the question is: what can I do to grow in my career if nobody knows what I’m doing? The truth is that Globant knew about my performance because the client gave them visibility.
Subsequently, it coincided that the Technical Director who interviewed me for the position at Globant and managed the project account was promoted to Studio Partner of Customer Experience. As we were working on the same project and he knew about the feedback from the client, I was given the opportunity to become his replacement. That happened six months after being named Architect, this represented another challenge because I had to get a replacement for my position, train the person, make everything work and then start with the functions of Technical Director. The position lasted almost four years until May of this year that was given the opportunity to become Studio Partner.
I think the good work I did gave me the visibility and the opportunity to grow.”

– What has been the best time you’ve had at Globant?

I believe that each moment has its particular
flavour. From what I remember, during my last years as Technical Director, I had already achieved maturity in the role. Although I lacked some things I needed to learn, Globant has always said: “let’s do it and go on the road”. That is the message the company wants to transmit, it is always reinventing itself.

– From your own experience, what do you think could be the keys to success?

One would be to work day by day and do your best in the assigned project. Precisely that was what started to open the doors for me. In fact, when I joined Globant, there were people with more experience and senior seniority than me, but I think the good work I did gave me the visibility and the opportunity I needed to grow. Another key would be to find someone to collaborate and support you in the process. This, coupled with the open culture of Globant, where you can talk quietly with anyone, that’s very important. In the same way, it is necessary to know how to take advantage of the disposition of these people. “Do not stay quiet.”
“Everything depends on what you do. Globant opens up spaces and it is up to you if you want to take that opportunity and do the necessary work to succeed. If you do not take a risk and face the challenge, someone else will. Obviously, it takes work, effort, you have to fail, you have to make mistakes, but the most important thing is to learn in the process.”

– Let’s talk about your experience as a Studio Partner. How was it? What does it take to get there?

How has it been? Challenging. One of my fears was: What would I face since I didn’t know the position I applied for very well. Therefore I got in touch with mentors, though one thing is what they tell you and another thing is living the experience. When you move to that role, you need strategic thinking, ability to solve problems in a short time, leadership skills, ability to delegate functions, commitment, among other attributes.

– What’s next for Globant Colombia?

I hope we continue growing at the rate we have been. During moments of stress, I don’t want that too much [Laughs] because it is challenging I would like us to continue growing and consolidate the leadership we have been forming so that other co-Studio Partners can join and have more technical directors. We have a lot of growth and some space problems because of the above. With the changes Globant has had, deciding to have two co-Studio Partners initially here in Colombia, it is a clear commitment of the company to encourage local growth from managers. We have good leaders who are preparing themselves, and we know that we have much more hiding, which we hope they come out in order to grow together.

– Finally, I will mention the following words and you will say the first thing that comes to your mind:

  • Artificial Intelligence:Globant
  • Studio:Technological  capacity
  • Technology: Future
  • Agile Pods: Our way of working
  • StarMe Up: Many stars
  • Clients: Our reason to be
  • Champions:Fundamental support
  • Chill Out:Coffee
  • Globant:Professional development

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