A tool that will let you know if company members are safe during a catastrophe

July 27, 2022

In recent years we have witnessed several catastrophes, like the earthquake in Mexico (2017), the flood in La Plata, Argentina (2013), and many other emergencies. Globant Labs decided to develop a Disaster Alert tool, since in most cases the difficulty of knowing the status of our Globers can become a challenging task.

This is a tool that will let you know how each Glober is doing during an emergency situation. It will be part of the applications that the Glober has installed from the company (BeThere, Betterme, StarMeUp). During an emergency, the tool will send an alert which will ask the Glober his/her status.The rating of the emergency will be based on low, medium and high levels. If it is high the application will automatically show emergency contacts, if it is low or medium it will prompt a help contact, which will be someone from Globant trained in these cases.

Globant has tasked a team of six people to solve this need. This team has been able to carry out the relevant research, product definition, and wireframes (low fidelity prototypes). Our Globers continue working on this first version and thinking about the evolution that the product will have towards a solution that covers the entire life cycle of a possible catastrophe; education, prevention, assistance and subsequent containment.

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