Forever A Glober: Nahuel Franchi

February 13, 2019

Usually, with time, we all end up right where we need to be. At least that has been Nahuel’s experience with Globant. Nahuel is a natural Glober with a roundabout journey: first he was a Glober, then left to pursue another opportunity, but sooner or later returned to take part in the culture he likes most. Get a glimpse of his experience in this interview.

Q: What was it that made you come back to Globant?

A: As all decisions related to career, it was a mix of factors, but I think that the two most important things were culture and the possibility of continuing to develop my professional career internationally.

Q: Along your career, which of your jobs was the most challenging and where did you learn the most?

A: I think that I learned from all of them, they all gave me something for my own self-discovery. In my last job, before I came back to Globant, I learnt a lot technically by working in a product business, with a lot of participation in government RFP’s. But more than that, I learned that you can’t take for granted organizational culture and that the sense of  belonging isat least in my casefundamental for being happy and giving my 110% professionally.

Q: What is what makes Globant, Globant?

A: I don’t want to sound repetitive and say “organizational culture” but it is culture. Globant has certain entrepreneurial DNA. So, sure, we impact high scale organizations and are part of the biggest projects of digital transformation. And yet, each individual has the autonomy to generate changes and make an impact, to the degree that each desires. This is the best combination between a start-up and a public company.

Q: Why do you consider Globant a good place to work?

A: If you like changes, if you like to be a protagonist in what you do and always aim for more, you are inthe right place. But as they say: With great powers come great responsibilities.

Q: What difference do you notice between the Globant you left and the Globant you choose again today?

 A: Despite the fact that I didn’t leave for too long, I saw the depth in certain processes and changes which I consider positive. Every day we are a more diverse and global company. And I personally think this enriches the company and each individual.

 Q: Having being part of the Alumni Program, what can you tell us about your experience?

A: The program took me by surprise. Still today I remember my smile when I got an email from Mer McPherson inviting me to the End-of-the-Year Party. It gave me the chance to meet with my friends, colleagues and teammates and feel at home. I was able to keep my relationship with the company. Along with other events that I was invited to, this made me realise that I had not been exaggerating when I sent my goodbye email. I had said: “Last days at Globant, but forever a Glober.” In the end, that feeling of “forever a Glober” was how I decided to come back.

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