Globant Cover Story: Marisabel Rodríguez

March 6, 2018

Learn all about her challenging career path, and how her passion for women empowerment and technology merge in her everyday life
Current position at Globant: Technical Director at CloudOps Studio

  • Tell us about you and your family. What are you passionate about? Do you have any hobbies?

I’m from Buenos Aires. I have a beautiful sister who is married, my father is a doctor and my mother is a lawyer.

In this moment of my life I realize how much I resemble them. I say this because I used to think that by studying Electronics Engineering I was choosing a different path from that of my parents. Nowadays, because of the scale and type of problems we face, I clearly see that technology has become the new effective way to help. Then, from a different angle, I am doing the same thing they did all their life, and their passion to help is intact in me.
That was the passion that made me study with courage a career where there are few women. Although this did not affect me personally, professionally it had its consequences: nowadays women have only about 20% participation in technological careers around the world, and 3% of participation in the professional market. This led me to consider that I had to spread a message in favor of women, because it is not ok that future generations of women like me continue to have only this level of impact. My hypothesis is that it is a matter of culture, which can be reversed soon and in diverse and fun ways. For 6 years I have been working in this direction and I am very happy that I have done it and that now many people and institutions are taking care of the same thing. I am proud that I have never lowered my arms and continued with my idea. Today, many people participate and agree with the promotion of technical careers among women.

  • How did you become part of Globant’s team?

Before joining Globant and together with other engineers within an NGO we created the affinity group “Women in Engineering” and began to organize conferences and round tables. For one of these conferences, a Glober told me that he knew a great engineer and that I should invite her to speak. The whole organization of the conference was a real pleasure. The event was about “Big Data and Business” at the National Technological University (UTN) and it was great, and even the project was a great innovation for the company: in 2013 it had migrated applications from the headquarters in Atlanta to the cloud.
From that experience, I knew that Globant meant innovation and good times, because besides that all the people involved in the event are now part of my dearest friends, years later many companies are trying to do similar projects to the one we did.
After a while, I brought my CV to the people I knew from Globant and when I had the opportunity I started working.

  • How have you built your career path so far?

As an engineer, I started working in networks. I also did other jobs related to applications, and after a while I became an IT manager in another company. Today what I like the most is working in the infrastructure because it gives me the chance to participate in different industries of different sizes.
Recently, I am working on a book that could be called “The secret history of Data Centers” or something like “The backyard of your applications and your work”, since there is an infinite combination of factors (many people, technology, geography, economy, structure, administration, security, nature, architecture, communications) that can make any application a question of superior excellence or one of constant failure.
As for my career, I started to configure and assemble devices in racks with a screwdriver, and now, it is better that I finish my studies of programming quickly to sharpen my skills, because nowadays the infrastructure is equal to the code… we have to accept it!

  • How has Globant’s culture positively influenced the work that you do?

Here at Globant, we work with people from different countries with the latest technologies and promote technological advances.  This has positively influenced the work I do and its aligned to my interests.

  • Given how fast technology changes, how has your job evolved throughout the years?

I consider myself very flexible and I always try to prepare for the future. Therefore, studying Engineering was useful for me to learn about communications, languages, programming, networking, administration, neuroscience, finance, and so on. All that knowledge led me to feel that my growth was organic and today I feel very comfortable working in the Cloud Ops Studio. I know that with my experience I can bring great value to our clients.

  • Which five qualities should an expert in your field have?

I think about the following:
– Technical knowledge is vital: avant-garde and broad.
– Many projects carried out: to quickly solve what is really obvious.
– Prepare for the unexpected: because it will surely happen.
– Flexibility: technical and personal.
– Courage to implement new ideas: servers are now like cattle, not like pets.

  • What recommendations would you give someone that wants to join your team?

Look for the previous five qualities!

  • Anything else you’d like to add…

I would like to thank Globant for the opportunities and challenges it has given me, and also thank all Globers who work with me every day, who also love what they do and seek excellence as professionals and as people.

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