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Context-Aware AI is a tool that augmented organizations can use to augment their customer experiences.

Recently, Globant had published an article on how an organization can augment itself. And now, Globant discusses how augmented organizations, can use the latest technologies in the making. It highlights the potential augmentation of customer experience.

Globant has always led the race in AI, and foresees, how advanced AI can be.

Context-Aware AI is one of the most sought after advanced forms of Deep Learning. It merely doesn’t crunch the data and shares insight. Rather it understands the context of information fed to it and takes actions accordingly.

Companies can experiment with the Context-Aware AI on how the device ecosystem around their users can help customers with their tasks. The devices can seamlessly interact with the user as well as among each other. It can ask users to take action on behalf of them, anticipating user’s needs. It can take actions on behalf of the user, anticipating what the user would have done.

But of course, with the devices running continuously and with that the data stream, security is a must. Context-Aware AI can even, make the ecosystem of multi-lateral data communication and the applications and devices, threat free.

Context-Aware AI is supposed to be intuitive, that can ubiquitously take actions for users. Also, it creates an immunity mesh securing the other-wise exposed data and device ecosystem.

Please take a look into the new trends report where Globant has identified how this new technology can be at large soon.

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