Globant hosted its first official event at the Cluj-Napoca Offices on March 29th.  The special evening brought together inspiring talks and conversations which explored the impact of new technologies, culture, artificial intelligence, and local research potential.

Martin Migoya, Globant’s CEO and Co-founder, presented his vision about how the Digital and Cognitive revolution are here to stay, transforming every single aspect of our lives.. Guibert Englebienne, CTO and Co-founder, enlighten us with insightful content about how technology enhances humanity. Last but not least, Razvan Florian,  a researcher in the Romanian Institute of Science and Technology, introduced some of the main works and studies being produced in Cluj around Artificial Intelligence arena. 

The evening was capped off with an Argentinian wine tasting, a tango performance and a special message by Emil Boc, the Mayor of Cluj, which can be accessed here.

We expect this event to be the first of many more since lots of new opportunities will be arriving to the city. 

Our passion is to build the best team in the world, and in that pursuit we look for the best talent regardless of where they are located. Romania has an amazing pool of professionals, so we are confident that this opening will be key to continuing to foster Globant’s expansion worldwide,” said Martín Migoya.

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