To contribute to expanding the capacity of the hospital care system in Argentina, Globant makes available, along with volunteer employees thirty 3D printers for the development of masks and medical supplies in 10 cities: Buenos Aires, La Plata, Tandil, Bahía Blanca, Mar del Plata, Rosario, Córdoba, Resistencia, San Miguel de Tucumán and Mendoza.

Also, this initiative calls for manufacturing communities who want to join in printing medical supplies. Thus, to be able to channel resources from the different Globant offices throughout the country.

This action is part of the Taking Care initiative by Globant. This aims to provide help to citizens, health systems, and governments through technology.

Globant’s added goal is to contribute to education, through the digital advice of educational entities. Also, to be alongside organizations in this crisis, to guarantee their business continuity.

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