Women are redefining their role in the tech world. We dive into how they’re doing it on the “Unscripted Tech” podcast.

March 16, 2023

It’s increasingly important to acknowledge how women are consistently making strides in many industries, gaining new ground, and reshaping the present and future for women in tech jobs everywhere by reducing, inch by inch, the gender gap. The tech industry is no exception. However, there’s still work to be done. Due to the extreme lack of diversity in the tech industry, the Women in Tech Network claims it will take about 133 years to close the economic gender gap. 

According to a report by Zippia.com, as of 2022, women represent only 28% of the tech industry workforce. Women hold fewer than 20% of leadership positions (19% of senior vice presidents and 15% of CEOs in the tech industry are women).

In honor of this year’s Women’s Month, Globant is focusing on continuing to bridge the gap, creating equity for women, especially in industries like technology. Through Globant’s Women that Build initiative, we provide opportunities and consistency through tangible actions and commitments that guarantee equity. 

Part of Globant’s efforts focuses on having women and non-binary people hold 50% of our managerial positions, striving for gender parity. We provide the tools for women to increase their participation in the IT world through a program where we accompany women and non-binary people in their career journeys. At each stage, we offer a variety of training programs and initiatives that support them to thrive. 

Our sixth episode of Unscripted Tech (season two) features Sabina Schneider, Chief Solutions Officer at Globant US, and Wanda Weigert, Global Chief Brand Officer at Globant & Executive Director at Globant Argentina. Together, they talk about how women as leaders and the female point of view are critical for the reinvention of organizations and to reach ground-breaking innovation. 

Below we share three key insights from the conversation.

  1. The presence of women in all industries is vital. It brings an understanding of half the users and consumers of any product or service. They bring a diverse perspective and experience vital for problem-solving, creativity, and improvement. 


In the words of Wanda Weigert, “…what we are building here at Globant or any technology company… we are building products that are being used by everyone. They are being used by men, women, children…So we, you, cannot produce something, you cannot develop something or build something by only including one type of person…You need diversity. That’s why it’s so important to have more women here.”

  1. There is still a gender imbalance in the tech industry. In the United States, 28.7% of all software programmers are women, while 71.3% are men. According to Statista, a survey developed in 2022 for global software developers revealed male developers account for 91.88% of all respondents, while female software developers only represented 5%. 


Sabina Schneider underlines the need to increase more women in tech, “So I think that we are missing out on many opportunities of women being more in more hard technology like DevOps or coding, and we need more. And there is not really any type of capabilities or skill sets that are different between women and men that will say, Well, you’re a better programmer if you’re a man or not. So I think that there is a barrier there to still be broken in technology.”

  1. Technology promotes a space of discovery and is a powerful tool to learn, explore, create, and build new products and solutions. With the arrival of new emerging technologies and platforms, there are also new doors being opened for women by women, to take on new roles. Through Globant’s Inspire Project, we seek to motivate young people to explore the world of technology and STEAM disciplines.

“It’s also about giving tools for all of us, for all of us as women, and to be able to develop ourselves as leaders…What we try to do with Project Inspire is to give workshops and talks and courses for teenagers that are in their last year of high school to help them see the different opportunities that they will have if they go into STEM careers.” -Wanda Weigert.

Listen to our full podcast episode here and learn more about how women are changing the technology world and landscape.

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