Celebrating the regional winners of the 2023 Women that Build Awards

September 7, 2023

In an era marked by an acceleration of technological advancements and innovation, the role of women in the tech industry has never been more critical. Recognizing the need for gender equality and the value of diversity in shaping the future, Globant is proud to announce this year’s Women that Build Awards regional winners. 

The Women that Build Awards’ 2023 edition marks another significant step towards Globant’s commitment to promoting gender equality and achieving parity in leadership roles, reaching 50% of our management positions with women and gender-diverse candidates. This global event has grown stronger each year, representing a platform that celebrates the stories and accomplishments of women who lead, innovate, inspire, and drive positive change in the tech industry.

Beyond being a mere ceremony, the Women that Build Awards occasion presents a chance for the worldwide community to unite, gain knowledge, establish connections, and draw inspiration. Participants will be granted entry to workshops, keynote presentations, networking opportunities, and virtual exhibition areas, all working together to cultivate cooperation and empowerment.

The importance of gender parity cannot be understated. To face this challenge, the Women that Build Awards provide the following:

  • A crucial platform for addressing this gap.
  • Mobilizing and acknowledging the contributions of women in technology.
  • Striving for a more balanced and inclusive industry.


The 2023 categories

The Women that Build Awards this year focused on two main categories.

Inspiring Leader: Women who are role models and a source of inspiration for other colleagues by promoting diversity and inclusion in the business environment and who promote STEAM in media. Such as VPs, managers, directors, leaders, founders, or Subject Matter Experts with 5+ (five) years of experience positively impacting the STEAM field.

Rising Star: Talented women with at least five years of experience starting a career in technology by being an entrepreneur, founder, or co-founder of a startup with a business offering related to STEAM. They show a high level of competence, creativity, and leadership skills. Diversity and inclusion are essential values for them, which they actively try to include in their teams and business culture.


The prize

This year, regional winners will receive an executive coaching program from Coach Hub and a Udemy Business license to use according to their language, needs, and career projections. At the same time, they will be participating as candidates in the Global Women that Build Awards.

The regional winners 


  • Inspiring Leader: Rosana Hadad Salomon
  • Rising Star: Magali Bejar and Joia Nuñez


  • Inspiring Leader: Tatyane Calixto
  • Rising Star: Anny Caroline Pinheiro Pereira


  • Inspiring Leader: Teresita Morán
  • Rising Star: Valentina Muñoz Zapata


  • Inspiring Leader: Mercedes Quintero
  • Rising Star: Yael Natalia Mendez Chaparro


  • Inspiring Leader: Dr. Srimathy Kesan 
  • Rising Star: Pavithra Nagaraj


  • Inspiring Leader: Maria Jimenez
  • Rising Star: Karime Guillen Libien

Peru & Ecuador

  • Inspiring Leader: Jennifer Samaniego
  • Rising Star: Ornella Paz

Rest of Latam

  • Inspiring Leader: Maria Alejandra Rodríguez Le Maitre
  • Rising Star: Doris Hernandez-Argueta


  • Inspiring Leader: María Pia Garat
  • Rising Star: Analía Gimenez

USA & Canada

  • Inspiring Leader: Lalitha Murali
  • Rising Star: Jaloree Lantigua 

Spain and France

  • Inspiring Leader: Chiagorom Oghotuama
  • Rising Star: Amaia Rodríguez

United Kingdom

  • Inspiring Leader: Hauwa Yakubu
  • Rising Star: Carrie Ann Booth

Learn more about this unique Globant event and join the celebration where Global winners will be announced here.

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