Bozoma Saint John and Wanda Weigert on the importance of self-advocacy at the Argentina Women that Build Awards announcement

December 1, 2022

The announcements of the 2022 Women that Build awards regional winners left us with a bunch of exciting moments. 

From Uruguay to India, the United States to Spain, among others, the third edition of these awards exceeded our expectations as we aimed to recognize, support, and promote outstanding women in technology!

Globant 81

We set the bar high with the regional winners announcement in Argentina, highlighted by a conversation between Bozoma Saint John and Wanda Weigert, Globant’s Chief Brand Officer. Bozoma is a marketing executive, author, entrepreneur, and former CMO of Netflix.

“Sometimes you have to create the space to dream bigger dreams than you even thought were possible,” declared Bozoma Saint John.  

Live at our offices in Buenos Aires, Bozoma talked with Wanda about her journey and life experiences, the keys to women’s development in the industry and the importance of this third edition of the Women that Build awards.

Look at the entire interview and everything part of this third edition of the Women that Build awards!


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